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  1. Denomination of old roman coins.

    Recently i have started to collect roman coins. I have made some research about the reverse figures and the obverse, the emperors figures etc. But there is one major thing i cant understand and that's the denominations of the coins. i know there are denarius , sestertius, as etc, but how do i know what is the denomination of a certain coin?
  2. The inscription is in Hebrew and it is the first amendment: thou shell have no other good but me. As for the figure i cant be sure but with that inscription it could indeed be Mosses, espcially since it is written that when he came down from the mountain his face glow and in Hebrew glow - KARAN - could also be interpenetrated as : was horned. Maybe that why he have here horn pictured on his head.
  3. What does : "x eine feine mark" mean?

    Thank you all
  4. What does : "x eine feine mark" mean?

    Maybe. Any idea about the "X" ? And if fine refers to purity then what is it? 100% ? 90%?
  5. i have noticed this writing on an 1975 German Thaller from Nuremberg . Now i guess that its all about the value of this coin, but. what exactly does it mean? Is it x=10 so its 10 mark? and what is the "feine" means?
  6. any help?

    You can try here: http://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins?main_coin=20570 or here: http://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins?main_coin=16198 hope this will help.
  7. any help?

    This looks like an 8 reals coin from either Peru or Bolivia. These coins are valuable and heavily counterfeited.
  8. Thalers of the Renaissance

    I'm quite new to coin collecting, i started when i realized that stamp collecting just isn't enough anymore (been that for the last 30 years). And when i started my coin collecting i wasn't sure how to proceed and got what ever coins i could for my collection. That was until i saw my first Maria Theresa Thaler. That moment i new that is what i want to collect, that and other Thalers. Beautiful rich coins, but unfortunately most of them are out of my financial possibilities . so i keep looking for them and get them if i can while continuing collecting other coins as well.
  9. any idea what this coin is

    interesting. the obverse is of king George the 3rd and reverse looks like the harp of Ireland . the name in the revers is also an old name of Ireland.
  10. Cleaning with sonic wave

    Thanks. am i right to assume that there aren't many registered user who takes part in this forums?
  11. Cleaning with sonic wave

    Hello. I have bought a small device which is used to clean dentist tool by sound wave (at least that's what it says in its selling add), and i use it to clean my old coins. My question is with what liquid is best to use with it? soap? water? i use dish washing soap but i don't know is it safe for the coins
  12. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    Well i got my first MTT some days ago and it is a a beautiful piece of art. I love it. I have made some research with the page mentioned above and some other and was able to determinate approximately when and where it was minted (as much as that can be done about re-strikes). It is such a reach subject that I'm thinking about starting a collection of MTT re-strikes. I just love this coin.
  13. Books about Roman coins

    Can you please give me names of some books about roman coins? and i dont mean a book that is just cataloging them but more deep like their history the where and when maybe political backround of the time they were minted etc.
  14. Ancient Unknown Coin ...HELP!

    The writing is in Hebrew on one side it says Jerusalem (yeroshalaim) and on the other side is written "Dedicate a shekel" (hekdesh shekel). It could also mean "The Holy Shekel" (shekel hakodsh). Shekel being the coin used in the biblical times. The coin itself is unfamiliar to me.
  15. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    Thanks Don Quijote this page is a treasure.