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  1. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    Well i got my first MTT some days ago and it is a a beautiful piece of art. I love it. I have made some research with the page mentioned above and some other and was able to determinate approximately when and where it was minted (as much as that can be done about re-strikes). It is such a reach subject that I'm thinking about starting a collection of MTT re-strikes. I just love this coin.
  2. Books about Roman coins

    Can you please give me names of some books about roman coins? and i dont mean a book that is just cataloging them but more deep like their history the where and when maybe political backround of the time they were minted etc.
  3. Ancient Unknown Coin ...HELP!

    The writing is in Hebrew on one side it says Jerusalem (yeroshalaim) and on the other side is written "Dedicate a shekel" (hekdesh shekel). It could also mean "The Holy Shekel" (shekel hakodsh). Shekel being the coin used in the biblical times. The coin itself is unfamiliar to me.
  4. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    Thanks Don Quijote this page is a treasure.
  5. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    I want to buy a Maria Theresa silver Thaler from Austria. I have seen a few on eBay that are a: Restrike. Now i know that this coin was minted for a long time but what does re strike means? Is it a fake? A copy ? Or is it a legitimate coin?
  6. Hole in the coin

    thanks for the replay. the holes seems to be made after the minting of the coins. are such coins good for collecting or are the considered damaged?
  7. Hello. I'm new here and new to collecting coins. When i serf eBay looking for coins i see a phenomena that i d'ont understand. There are a lot of coins there that have a hole in them. I avoid them becaue it seems unaesthetic to me and i think it has something to do with taking the coins out of circulation. I'd like to know what is the reason for those holes?