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  1. I came across this strange coin 1953 P wheat it caught my eye because in the large 1000 coin Nancy bag I was reviewing. This coin stuck to my small magnet I pulled it out and could not do the life of me see why it would be magnetic. The more I looked at it the more things I began to question. The color on the reverse pale yellow and the Obverse Toned but almost the typical color. Then it felt lite. So I weighed it. 2.9 grams. Now I am curious so I calle NGC and they of course said. Send it in let's Grade it lol. Ok ok. So I don't think I have a millionsollar coin. But what do I have ???
  2. I came across a 1953 Wheat penny that sticks to a magnet. It's color is off and on the reverse almost brass in color on the Obverse it's Toned. Very sharp detail AU +++. I am puzzled on this coin its weight is 2.9 grams ideas??? It won't allow me to upload the photo
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