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    I specialize in World Banknotes that depict Animals

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  1. MMMM

    Banknote Serial numbers

    Wow, nice notes.
  2. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    São Tomé and Príncipe (2016)
  3. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Nice notes, is it not odd that we seem to collect always collect extra notes that we are not looking for. These are the new Mauritania, I am kind of disappointed in the sub-strait, the paper just does not have the texture of the old. Too bad.
  4. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Yeah, someone has to post something else in this thread, other than animals, it is really starting to look like a Ark, and all I have are animals. Argentina 1000 Pesos, 2018
  5. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    It is hard to find a good shop. All near me in New England seem to want to charge an arm and two legs for banknotes.
  6. MMMM

    Advice on catalogue

    Nice but remember collecting is a lifelong thing ... A free Hosted or any hosted solution like redrocketsoftwaresolutions.co.uk or even a big site like colnect.com is not a very good choice for keeping a catalogue of your collection. It comes down to sustainability, how long the site will last. Will it be around thirty or forty years from now? Will it still always be free? Most such sites start free until they hit a size where they think they can charge for the service. Then you either pay up or move your catalog somewhere else. no one knows how long the site will last, and may disappear over night with all your data. A local solution is good, as long as you have backups and skill. Excel is the most common and Access is used as well. Both are customizable to your needs and both can embed pictures of the notes. If you want a WEB based solution, you can always use Google docs or Azure or even Wordpress, they all will accomplish the same and may last longer than redrocket et all. They also give you a bit more control of what to record.
  7. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    People just stopped posting. I just toss a few up just to see if anyone is there. CoinTalk has some movement, but not a lot. Maybe world banknote collecting is fading in English speaking parts of the world.
  8. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    South Korea 2,000 Won
  9. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Armenia's new Noah's Arch Commemorative
  10. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Yep, more animals Zimbabwe Tonga Nepal
  11. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Something old Japan 5 Sen 1944 and some new things Argentina 20 Pesos Djibouti 40 Francs Norway 200 Kroner Madagascar 100 Ariary
  12. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Oh and this one that took over 10 years to find. Kazakhstan 10000 Tenge 2003
  13. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    And a few others from various places: Guinea 5000 Francs 2015 Lesotho 200 Maloti 2001 Liberia 500 dollars 2017
  14. MMMM

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    I picked up some new Colombian's as well