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  1. Latest Banknote purchases.

    Something old Japan 5 Sen 1944 and some new things Argentina 20 Pesos Djibouti 40 Francs Norway 200 Kroner Madagascar 100 Ariary
  2. Latest Banknote purchases.

    Oh and this one that took over 10 years to find. Kazakhstan 10000 Tenge 2003
  3. Latest Banknote purchases.

    And a few others from various places: Guinea 5000 Francs 2015 Lesotho 200 Maloti 2001 Liberia 500 dollars 2017
  4. Latest Banknote purchases.

    I picked up some new Colombian's as well
  5. Latest Banknote purchases.

    The new Seychelles 2016 +
  6. Latest Banknote purchases.

    Gabon 1000 Francs Congo Republic 1000 Francs Cameroon 1000 Francs
  7. Latest Banknote purchases.

    It is Algeria p-137 1992
  8. Latest Banknote purchases.

    Some new additions to my zoo:
  9. @rd13 I could write up something, but why bother when Rezwan Razack does great work in his blog on Indian notes. Please read this article by Rezwan Razack, it contains information that you seek. http://indianbanknote.blogspot.com/2009/08/king-george-v-1917-issue-one-rupee.html Note what is said about "O" and then see the charts. You should send Rezwan Razack and email.
  10. It is hard to say the value, it is not uncirculated, but it is definitely worth more than five pounds. The value would depend on the condition and also the buyer. In one hand, collectors pay a premium for solid numbers. In the other hand if it has folds or tares or holes then, that would reduce the value. But don't try to fix it up. Don't iron it or try to remove any folds, that will just reduce the value. Try not to handle the note. Put it in a good protective sleeve and hold on to it for a while. As in a while I mean 20 to 30 years. Yeah I know, but with age comes value. It is very hard to tell the grade from a photo, this may help you get a rough idea: http://alphanumis.blogspot.com/2015_10_01_archive.html The closer to UNC the higher the value. The best way to find the "Approximate" value is to take it to as many dealers as you can. But what ever they offer Do Not Sell to them!!!!! Remember if you sell to a dealer you will most likely get less than if you sell to a collector. Once you get some dealer prices add 60% to guess at the LOW value number and you will get a general idea of what a collector MAY pay for it. But it is more valuable than 5 pounds could be more than 100 you will need to do more research to feel the market.
  11. Latest Banknote purchases.

    Uruguay 1000 Pesos 1939 Scotland 5 Pounds 2016 Nepal 100 Rupees 2015 Nepal 50 Rupees Lesotho 200 Maloti 2016