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  1. Where and how do you guys find these coins? I never look at the machines for and slots, etc., do you open up the machines?
  2. Hi, I found this note amongst some old letters, etc. whilst cleaning up the garage. I know it is not the best note, but it is still in one piece. Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate for value of this note? (The pictures do not seem to link - please click here to view them: http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=15394 )
  3. Here is what the seller wrote as a description of the item: "format: .pdf market price Electronic catalog! Do not book!" What does "do not book" supposed to mean?
  4. "A more rounded shield (aka shield nickel) would be nicer." I agree too. It doesn't look right at all.
  5. A bunny would be anyone who will pay outragious sums for cheapo stuff.
  6. I'm just starting to collect coins. What does AT mean?
  7. Wow. $1.50, 1 bid, 2 days left. Is anybody here familiar with the term ebay "bunnies"? This would be an example of one.
  8. Hmm.... The seller has a 99.8% feedback and is also a power seller. I do agree these pieces look flat and thin, and that Spanish cob looks to be a bit too "manufactured" look to it.
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