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  1. That's a lovely halfcrown! All are nice, but I especially like it.
  2. Great coins! I especially like the ½ batzen and ½ franc!
  3. I used to think that any gold coin was out of my price range, but there are actually some very affordable options. No classic U.S. gold coin sells for anywhere near bullion (unless it's holed or something), but many world coins sell for just slightly above spot price. When I bought my 10 francs, the bullion value was $112, and I paid $120. The larger the gold coin, the lower the premium, but the cost is of course a lot higher.
  4. mrealm - sorry, but I wasn't able to find anything about the other coin.
  5. Sorry for all the replies, but I finally found one that's identical to mrealm's coin: http://www.identificacion-numismatica.com/...8818.htm#136697 It's in better condition, but it seems to be the same. The members are discussing why the letters on the coin are inverted or upside-down.
  6. Here's another one that seems to have a very similar reverse: http://www.identificacion-numismatica.com/...?highlight=1610
  7. My 17th century Krause didn't have a picture of this issue, so I looked it up online and found this: http://www.identificacion-numismatica.com/...1610-t24082.htm The person is asking for it to be identified, and the post identifies it as a dinero from Valencia. I know it's not identical, but it seems pretty close. It's always possible that mrealm's coin is a contemporary counterfeit. Whatever it is, though, I'm pretty sure it's Spanish. mrealm - Please send me a private message with what you want to know in Spanish, and I can do my best to translate. Like I said before, my Spanish grammar is not great, but I should be able to write something that's pretty understandable.
  8. Hi there. I think this coin is a copper dinero of Philip III from Valencia, Spain, but I'm not 100% sure, as this is not my area of expertise. If you speak Spanish, you might try some Spanish language forums that have a lot of members that collect these types. I can write a little Spanish, so if you need help translating, just ask and I'll try my best.
  9. That's a great shooting medal! It goes nicely with the "creatures with rifles" series!
  10. I really like that farthing! It has some interesting character to it.
  11. I hadn't considered that, but you could well be right, but very few countries actually had their own mints. Australia and Canada did, but I think New Zealand contracted with foreign mints. It would certainly be worth a little digging into, which sounds like a fun exercise to me.
  12. Wait, men with rifles aren't your cup of tea? I have to agree with you there!
  13. The crowned portrait was unique to the various Commonwealth nations, but they didn't all use it. Canada, Australia and New Zealand all used an uncrowned portrait. Of course, most have now switched to the older portraits of the queen, but Belize (formerly British Honduras) continues to use her young portrait! Nice coins, by the way!
  14. Good stuff! I've never seen a George V in circulation.
  15. I really like that Hercules 5 francs! The 1844 is really nice, too.
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