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  1. I would think it was used for paper or leather, very unlikely to be used for metal. Regular dies were used for sch├╝tzenfest metals. I would also be interested in seeing if they used the umlaut where required. It is unusual that there would be a misspelling especially that word although not unheard of.
  2. It would also be appreciated if you could show a couple more pictures including the end that would have been impacted to emboss the punch into the paper or other media. I would be interested as to the amount of wear on that end. On a different subject, this is the 1,000th post of the Swiss Shooting Medals thread of this fine forum. Congratulations to everyone who has participated! ­čÖé
  3. Welcome to the forum. Your punch appears to say: Schaffhausen Schuzengesellschaft. Strangely, it does not spell Schutzengesellschaft with a t as per usual, at least I can't see it. It would be helpful to have a picture of a piece of paper punched and then shaded in some way so we can see it clearly. I doubt it is a die but rather some type of society punch/seal for paperwork of some type much like a corporate or notary seal. It is not dated which would also seem to corroborate the seal theory. The ram is indicative of the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen. And to answer your question, I have seen a couple of punches similar to this as well as medal dies.
  4. I think you are going to very happy that you made the purchase. While there are some additions and corrections the best way to describe this edition is that it is an "Enhanced Edition". Certainly, the Chinese translation will be a great asset to the Chinese speaking collector but for the German and English speaking collectors who already own the 2nd edition, I think this is well worth the cost of admission!
  5. I recently received the new 3rd Edition Richter Catalog and am extremely happy to have this great book! The catalog per J├╝rg Richter has approximately 200 additions/corrections throughout but the main differences this 3rd Edition has when compared to others is: 1. Languages: English and Chinese 2. There is a generous Introduction including many illustrations about the history of Swiss Sch├╝tzenfest. This portion is very well done! 3. At the beginning of each Canton grouping there is a page dedicated to the history of the Canton. 4. Next, after the Canton history, there are a couple of medals that are highlighted with allegorical and historical descriptions. It is a wonderful edition and will in my opinion, increase the popularity of the hobby for English and Chinese speaking collectors because of the translations and the added histories. While the catalog is still just that, a catalog, the added histories, multiple historical pictures, Cantonal histories as well as the added information regarding the few medals at the beginning of each Canton group will enable the collector to gain added more knowledge and appreciation for this great field of collecting. I believe that this same 3rd. Edition is available in German and Chinese translation but I have not spoken to J├╝rg directly about my assumption. Price: 85 Euro Here is the catalog page from the Battenberg Verlag site: Keh Wee Kwang | J├╝rg Richter | Marcel H├Ąberling Swiss shooting thalers and shooting medals šĹ×ňúź ň░äňç╗ ňíöŠőëň░ö Úĺ▒ňŞü ňĺî ň░äňç╗ ŔŐé š║¬ň┐Ášźá Published by Battenberg Verlag ISBN: 978-3-86646-193-2 Edition: 3rd edition 2020 Illustrations: colored throughout Hardcover: 632 pages Format: 23.5 x 28 cm This book deals with the history as well as the historical background of the marksmen and marksmen medals of Switzerland. Over 2500 thalers and medals from the beginning in the early 17th century to 1960 were listed in detail and the majority were shown. This book thus becomes an indispensable reference work when it comes to determining and evaluating marksmen and marksman medals in Switzerland. Now in the 3rd edition as a German-Chinese version!
  6. I forgot to mention that the cigar cutter is 27.5mm in diameter and the weight is 14.2g
  7. This medal / cigar cutter seems to be quite rare. It is from the Luzern 1901 Federal Sch├╝tzenfest. Between myself and J├╝rg Richter, we have only seen 2 of these, mine being 1 of the 2. It is unmarked in every way regarding metal composition and engraver.
  8. I recently got a new camera/lens, so the picture may look slightly better than previous ones. R930b 1957 Luzern XIII Eidgen├Âssisches Kleinkalibersch├╝tzenfest BR versilbert 50mm Engraver: Paul Kramer, Neuch├ótel RR
  9. 1957 Luzern R930b XIII Federal Small Caliber Shoot BR versilbert/BR silver plated 50 mm Engraver: Paul Kramer, Neuchatel RR
  10. Actually, the Steulmann book you mention is 1 volume but there is another book. Attached are pictures for your reference for assistance in finding.
  11. Hi Matt, I have copies of both of the books you are looking for. The Peltzer is a single book and the Steulmann is a set of 2 books. They were not that easy to find as I remember. I have no reference for you to locate but will let you know when and if I find any copies. Rod
  12. R1746a Z├╝rich, Winterthur Cantonal sch├╝tzenfest 1891 AR 45mm Rarity: H Engraver: Hugues Bovy & L. Furet, Geneve / H. Wildermuth, Winterthur
  13. R1739c Z├╝rich, Winterthur Free shoot 1877 CU 46mm Rarity: RR Engraver: Eduard Durussel, Bern
  14. R1782a Z├╝rich, Uster Cantonal sch├╝tzenfest 1900 AR matte 45mm Rarity: H Engraver: Franz Homberg, Bern / J. Bosshard, Z├╝rich
  15. R1670c Zug Sch├╝tzengesellschaft der Stadt Zug 1827 AR 40mm Rarity: RR Mintage: ~150 Engraver: Johann Caspar Bruppacher, Luzern
  16. R1425a Ticino Chiasso Tiro distrettuale (District Shoot) 1902 AR 44mm Rarity: RR Engraver: Stefano Johnson, Milan
  17. R1411b Ticino Caslano Tiro distrettuale (District Shoot) AR 30mm Rarity: RR Loop removed
  18. R1423b Ticino Bellinzona - Tiro al Flobert. Rabadan XX 1902 AR 30mm Rarity: RR Vintage: 100 (estimate) (rate)
  19. R210a Bern, Interlaken Bern Cantonal Shoot 1888 AG 45mm Rarity: H Engraver: Hugues Bovy, E. Lossier, Geneve
  20. R238a Bern, Bienne 1 er tir federal au flobert 1899 AG 40mm Rarity: RR Engraver: R. Lanz-Girod, Biel (Bienne) / L. Furet, Geneve
  21. Congratulations on your You Tube channel. Production is well done and I wish you success!
  22. R200e Bern Federal Shoot 1885 PB/SN 40mm Rarity: R Engraver: Eduard Durussel, Bern This medal is in the original case of issue.
  23. R1811a Zurich Cantonal Meisterschaft 1933 AR 30mm X 39mm Rarity: R Engraver: PEKA - Paul Kramer This medal is as awarded without the jeweler's bezel as seen in the Richter catalog.
  24. R701a Geneve Exercices de l'arquebuse et de la navigation 1897 AR 51mm Vintage: 8 Rarity: RRR Engraver: Hugues Bovy, Geneve Notes: These medals were only awarded with engraving, which makes them unique. The only differences, however, are the different years on the obverse and the engraving on the reverse. I just acquired this beautiful and extraordinarily rare medal. I was aware of the rim imperfections but due to the fact that there is only 8 of them and each is unique in regards to the engraving, I was happy to purchase it. My Father has 1 in FDC condition and now I have 1 too. Between us, we own 25% of the total population!
  25. R645b Geneve Federal Shoot 1887 33mm BR Rarity: R Engraver: Wolfgang Lauer, Nuremberg Please note that the greenish hue on the right side of the obverse between 1 and 4 o'lock is an aberration and is not present on the medal.
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