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  1. R1670c Zug Schützengesellschaft der Stadt Zug 1827 AR 40mm Rarity: RR Mintage: ~150 Engraver: Johann Caspar Bruppacher, Luzern
  2. R1425a Ticino Chiasso Tiro distrettuale (District Shoot) 1902 AR 44mm Rarity: RR Engraver: Stefano Johnson, Milan
  3. R1411b Ticino Caslano Tiro distrettuale (District Shoot) AR 30mm Rarity: RR Loop removed
  4. R1423b Ticino Bellinzona - Tiro al Flobert. Rabadan XX 1902 AR 30mm Rarity: RR Vintage: 100 (estimate) (rate)
  5. R210a Bern, Interlaken Bern Cantonal Shoot 1888 AG 45mm Rarity: H Engraver: Hugues Bovy, E. Lossier, Geneve
  6. R238a Bern, Bienne 1 er tir federal au flobert 1899 AG 40mm Rarity: RR Engraver: R. Lanz-Girod, Biel (Bienne) / L. Furet, Geneve
  7. Congratulations on your You Tube channel. Production is well done and I wish you success!
  8. R200e Bern Federal Shoot 1885 PB/SN 40mm Rarity: R Engraver: Eduard Durussel, Bern This medal is in the original case of issue.
  9. R1811a Zurich Cantonal Meisterschaft 1933 AR 30mm X 39mm Rarity: R Engraver: PEKA - Paul Kramer This medal is as awarded without the jeweler's bezel as seen in the Richter catalog.
  10. R701a Geneve Exercices de l'arquebuse et de la navigation 1897 AR 51mm Vintage: 8 Rarity: RRR Engraver: Hugues Bovy, Geneve Notes: These medals were only awarded with engraving, which makes them unique. The only differences, however, are the different years on the obverse and the engraving on the reverse. I just acquired this beautiful and extraordinarily rare medal. I was aware of the rim imperfections but due to the fact that there is only 8 of them and each is unique in regards to the engraving, I was happy to purchase it. My Father has 1 in FDC condition and now I have 1 too. Between us, we own 25% of the total population!
  11. R645b Geneve Federal Shoot 1887 33mm BR Rarity: R Engraver: Wolfgang Lauer, Nuremberg Please note that the greenish hue on the right side of the obverse between 1 and 4 o'lock is an aberration and is not present on the medal.
  12. R1579ca Vaud, Yverdon 1880 PB/SN 38mm Mintage: NA Rarity: H Engraver: Edouard Durussel, Bern Note: although you can't tell from the pictures, the fields on this medal are mirrored, it is in beautiful preserved condition considering it is white metal. PB/SN is defined as lead and/or pewter alloy by Richter.
  13. All I can deduce thus far it that I think it is a Romanian medal. And based on the multiple repeat punch engravings, it may have been a trial strike. Romania was a signatory and ratifier at the Paris Peace Treaties, 10 February 1947. There may be a connection here since the medal refers to Victory.
  14. Hi Bob, Welcome to CoinPeople. Glad you found this thread. Your schützenfest jeton is from Lausanne, Canton Vaud in Switzerland. It is identified with a Richter number. Jürg Ricther is a Swiss gentleman who has authored the foremost catalog of Swiss schützenfest medals and jetons. Each in a separate catalog and the jeton catalog being substantially smaller than the medal catalog. Jeton information: ID: R539a No date Composition: Messing (brass) Rarity: common size: 23mm weight: 3.7 - 3.9 grams catalog value: Ex fine condition: 15.00 UNC: 30.00
  15. Finding medals in the original case is always a positive. I have been lucky enough to acquire some medals with the original winner's name tag on the case, medals with notes inside them regarding the shoot and or the recipient, and a number of souvenir medals that have their original price paperwork within. I have some very old shooting medals in their original paper wrappers as issued at the shoot. It is quite rewarding to find this type of paperwork included with a medal. But, I have to say that it is not common to find a medal in its "identified" original packaging
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