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  1. All I can deduce thus far it that I think it is a Romanian medal. And based on the multiple repeat punch engravings, it may have been a trial strike. Romania was a signatory and ratifier at the Paris Peace Treaties, 10 February 1947. There may be a connection here since the medal refers to Victory.
  2. Hi Bob, Welcome to CoinPeople. Glad you found this thread. Your schützenfest jeton is from Lausanne, Canton Vaud in Switzerland. It is identified with a Richter number. Jürg Ricther is a Swiss gentleman who has authored the foremost catalog of Swiss schützenfest medals and jetons. Each in a separate catalog and the jeton catalog being substantially smaller than the medal catalog. Jeton information: ID: R539a No date Composition: Messing (brass) Rarity: common size: 23mm weight: 3.7 - 3.9 grams catalog value: Ex fine condition: 15.00 UNC: 30.00
  3. Finding medals in the original case is always a positive. I have been lucky enough to acquire some medals with the original winner's name tag on the case, medals with notes inside them regarding the shoot and or the recipient, and a number of souvenir medals that have their original price paperwork within. I have some very old shooting medals in their original paper wrappers as issued at the shoot. It is quite rewarding to find this type of paperwork included with a medal. But, I have to say that it is not common to find a medal in its "identified" original packaging
  4. Yes, the Frauenfeld medal is unique, it is beautiful and in fantastic condition. My Dad and I got this medal several years ago. It goes without saying that this medal is the plate specimen in Richter's catalog. In fact, my picture here is the same picture I sent Jürg Richter for the catalog. I very much like the 1862 Lugano medal but I am very happy and lucky to have 2 of the 1892 Glarus medals considering their condition and rarity.
  5. R600a Geneve, Abbaye des Carabiniers 1875 AR 37mm Mintage: 100 Rarity: RR Engraver: Samuel Mognetti / Antoine Bovy, Geneve I am again, having difficulty adding pictures, the last couple I had to resize and now the quality is being compromised. Because of this, I am inserting pictures I posted on another site: this seems to work as a work-around.
  6. R807b (2 examples; FDC & EF+with rim bump) 1892 Glarus Federal Shoot Silver 45mm RR
  7. Picture 3: Shows the text written on the inside of the wrapper once unfolded. The paper wrapper is folded in such a way that it is tucked into itself so it remains wrapped and intact.
  8. R1724d 1859 Zürich Federal Free Shoot PB/SN 41mm R Engraver: Sebald Drentwett, Augsburg In original paper wrapper - RRR Picture 1: The medal in UNC/as issued condition (other than 154+ years in a paper wrapper) Picture 2: Shows the medal inside the original wrapper as issued.
  9. R1251a 1890 Frauenfeld Tiro federale Gold 35 x 45mm 67.3 g RRRR
  10. For comparison reference R179a (genuine) and R179Aa (c. 1890 fakes)
  11. R179Aa 1844 Bern Federal Free Shoot -Counterfeit- Silver 28mm H
  12. R179a 1844 Bern Federal Free Shoot Silver 28mm H
  13. 1835 Demigny, France Tir de 1835 Chivalry of Demigny Silver 39mm RRRR Hand engraved
  14. R1557a 1844 St. Livres Société militaire de St. Livre Silver 27mm RRR
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