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  1. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    I noticed that 5 of your medals pictured are marked "Moore", quite a coincidence that your Uncle almost surely purchased those medals from me or my Dad. Small world...
  2. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Hi and welcome to CoinPeople. I should be able to assist you with your questions but better pictures of your medals would be required. Thank you Tim for your recommendation. As Tim stated, Craig Keplinger is a very nice and honest dealer of Swiss coins and medals.
  3. schutzenfester

    USA Shooting medals

    I agree that the pin bar may be indeed brass. The stamping on the back of the medal itself only states "plated", there does not appear to be any other indicators.
  4. schutzenfester

    USA Shooting medals

    Certainly could be brass over silver but most medalists would gold plate over silver considering the base medal being silver. In my experience in another field of collecting, brass over silver is (almost) unheard of. The patina that is seen/present is not entirely uncommon for gilt. Although considering that this is a 40's era US shooting medal and also a US medalist, I honestly have no idea from historical data what the plating would be. Certainly the fact that it is . 925 is the significant feature not the plating, even if gold, it would not enhance the value to any degree. The gilt plating enhances the look.
  5. schutzenfester

    USA Shooting medals

    A medal from 1940, Military Rifle Veteran Association of New York. Marked Sterling - Plated. The assumption being gold plated sterling silver. From Wikipedia regarding the medal maker: Dieges & Clust were jewellers established in New York[1][2] in 1898 by Col. Charles J. Dieges (b. Oct. 26, 1865-d. Sept. 14, 1953) and Prosper Clust.[1] They produced many medals, including the Spanish–American War Medal, the 1904 Olympic Medal, the Eagle Scout medal (from 1916–1920),[3] the Medal of Honour, and the Titanic-Carpathia Medals (at the request of "The Unsinkable" Mrs. Molly Brown). They made baseball's first Most Valuable Player Awards and many Baseball Press Pins as well as Lou Gehrig's farewell plaque. They also cast the Heisman Trophy (in New York and later Providence, Rhode Island) from its inception in 1935 through late 1979 when the company was sold to Herff Jones (a division of Carnation) on January 1, 1980.[4] Perhaps the height of Dieges & Clust's production were the 1920s trophies known in sports collecting circles as "The Five Figural Spalding Baseball Trophies". The various trophies depict a baseball player pitching, catching, batting, playing first base, or playing in the outfield. The proportions of the figures and the detail (of the faces, fingers, stitching in the baseball gloves and shoelaces) are remarkable .[citation needed] They fetch up to $5,000 at auction, relatively high for a silver-plated trophy on a wooden base.[citation needed] A 1936 New York Yankees World Series ring cast by Dieges & Clust and owned by Lou Gehrig held the record sale price for such a ring at $17,500.[5] In 1999, Sotheby's sold what was believed to be Lou Gehrig's 1927 ring for $96,000.
  6. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Hello, I have started a Facebook Group called richtercatalog. The reference/repository for all things related to the Richter catalog. The address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/richtercatalog/ You must have a Facebook account to join the Group. If you do not have a Facebook account, joining is very easy. This group will allow fellow schützenfest medal enthusiasts to keep track of new medals not in the Richter catalog, add pictures of them as well as comments. Group members will be able to add comments and pictures regarding possible omissions and errors. You will be able to comment on anything regarding the Richter Catalog and Schützenfest medals and awards in general. The Group page has "Documents" that coincide with each Richter catalog chapter so members will be able to add comments for the appropriate Document (Richter Chapter) so the added content can be somewhat organized and easy to reference. When you leave a comment, you can also post a picture but only 1 picture per comment. After you press enter, your comment will be posted in that specific "Document", if you have another picture you wanted to post all you need to do is reply to your just posted comment, insert the additional picture and then click enter on your keyboard again and it will be posted. For posts that you do not feel fall into a specific Richter Chapter, there will be a Document called Richter General, this is can be the catch-all for those posts. I will also have a "Document" specifically for anything related to Schützenfests in general called Schützenfest General. Please go to my new Facebook Group called richtercatalog and request to join and then I will add you ASAP and you will be our newest member. The group is private so members will be the only people able to see posts. If you do not use the included link in this email, simply go to Facebook and then go to Groups and then search for richtercatalog (all 1 word). I hope that you join and that this Facebook Group can become an additional resource for schützenfest medal collectors and more specifically, a place where collectors can add and gain more knowledge in regards to the Richter Catalog. Best regards, Rod Moore
  7. Please understand that I absolutely have no problem with your post. Even if it is a paperweight, it is a beautiful piece of artwork. I my opinion, your post is fine and where else can you look for more information? My statement was merely a question regarding the origin of the piece. Sorry to say however that I have no information to give you about your piece.
  8. As sold on eBay it was stated to be a paperweight. At 120mm and considering the relief, do you think it is a paperweight or a numismatic medal?
  9. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Great, I glad you got one. Yes, it does have many new medals and many updated pictures. The English translation is key and is wonderful.
  10. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Jürg Richter's new Swiss schützenfest medal catalog is now available for $145.00 postpaid at Numiswiss.com. I apologize for not having them available myself but I made the decision not to mess with the worries of shipping safely etc. I assume it is available elsewhere but I am unsure of any specifics for other locations. The catalog is a must buy for anyone with interest in Swiss schützenfest medals.
  11. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    No problem, I spoke with Craig Keplinger of Numiswiss.com and although he does not have any for resale at this time, he hopes and feels that early June as the anticipated time period. Just stop by his website every once in a while to check in and see when they are up for sale.
  12. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Here are a few pictures. The first just shows the difference in size between the first edition on the left and the second edition. The second and third picture shows a comparison of one medal that now has been "upgraded" to a much better picture. This has been done extensively throughout the book. The fourth picture shows an explanation from the back cover regarding the new content of the book.
  13. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    I received a couple of copies of the new Richter Swiss Talers and Shooting Medals book this week - IT IS FANTASTIC! Beautiful photos, many are enhanced/better than previous pictures. Many, many new medals. More content overall, new and updated pricing. Newly revised survival estimates for medals, and the best part in my opinion and what will bring this great hobby to even more enthusiasts - English translation. The book should be available for sale early June. I made the decision not to carry them but I can tell you that Craig Keplinger-Keplinger World Coins (www.Numiswiss.com) will be and he should have some for sale very soon. Do not hesitate to buy yourself a copy, you will not be sorry. The book is great!
  14. schutzenfester

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    One additional item to add to my answer regarding the use of AU53 and MS64 designations. Please keep in mind that the majority of Swiss schützenfest medals sold in Swiss and European auctions are not encapsulated therefore the ss-vz and FDC grades are not problematic to the average collector in Switzerland and Europe in regard to shooting medals. The vast majority of medals in our collection are not third-party graded yet many would grade above MS65 yet they would be sold as FDC medals. Plus, the majority of schützenfest collectors reside on the other side of the pond, therefore any problems or pricing issues will be mostly from non-Europeans and from third-party graded medals.