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  1. Though some people have stated in the past that they don't think this is a good looking medal, I have always been somewhat fascinated by it. I purchase when I can as long as the price is right.
  2. Nice medal, would it be possible to post the obverse, I would be interested in seeing it?
  3. Ok, I may have a few for sale in the nearish future.
  4. R840b Chur, Canton Graubünden 1900 AR 33mm Mintage: 360 Rarity: R Engraver: Franz Homberg, Bern
  5. R1678b Morgarten, Canton Zug 1902 AR 45mm Mintage: 300 Rarity: R Engraver: Franz Homberg
  6. R1874a Zürich, Jungschützentag1936BR 40mm Mintage: Rarity: RR Engraver: Huguenin. Le LocleNote: As the year has been engraved, various dates may exist. So far, the only date known is 1938. My medal is from a 1936 young shooter's match, the note above is from Richter's catalog.
  7. R1722a Zürich, Erstes Freischiessen der Schützengesellschaft Wilhelm Tell 1852 AR 48mm Mintage: Rarity: RRR Engraver: HH Note: The variety formerly listed in WM (lead) is a later copy. I am inserting my picture used from a url on another forum because this site is not allowing me to insert anything but very small (kb) pictures directly from my PC. If anyone could explain, I would appreciate your input.
  8. Very nice medal! I believe some would prefer your one to my three.
  9. I thought as long as I posted one, I might as well post the others since I have them. That way, forum members could see them together and compare etc.
  10. Note regarding R830 and R831 taken directly from the new Richter catalog: "Notes: On the occasion of the federal festival in Davos, an honorary and free shooting took place on June 13 and 14,1836. Premiums were distributed for more than 1,000 Gulden (florin). In addition to rifles (Stutzer), cantonal coins (Dublone from Berne, Ducat from Zurich, Taler from Grisons etc.), medals were also awarded. According to the official "list of winners" from the Grisons newspaper No. 47 of June 12th 1836, various medals were awarded in different value categories: First prize is a gilt silver medal with a gold chain; furthermore a large gilt medal, then 2 medals in the value of 10 Gulden, 3 medals to 6.40 Gulden, 3 medals to 5 Gulden, 6 medals to 3 Gulden, 23 medals to 2 Gulden (in silvered bronze?) and 74 medals to 1.40 Gulden (in bronze?). In total 113 different medals. It is extremely difficult to divide the medals awarded into the four reference numbers in this catalog. Most likely, the last two price categories of 2 and 1.40 Gulden are the silvered bronze and bronze medals. The remaining 16 medals will then be distributed among the silver medals, whereby the two medals of 10 guilders are most likely the same as Ref. 830a."
  11. 1836 Davos, canton Graubunden R831b / M446 Bundesfest BR 42 mm Engraver: Heinrich Bruppacher, Luzern Rarity: R
  12. 1836 Davos, canton Graubunden R831b / M446 Bundesfest BR versilbert 42 mm Engraver: Heinrich Bruppacher, Luzern Rarity: RR
  13. 1836 Davos, canton Graubunden R831b / M446 Bundesfest AR 42 mm Engraver: Heinrich Bruppacher, Luzern Rarity: RRR With filled-in/repaired hole at 12 o'clock
  14. Here is a relatively rare medal I recently acquired. 1920 Beider Basel, canton Basel R134a / M87 Cantonal Shoot AR 30 mm Engraver: Hans Frei, Basel Rarity: RR
  15. I noticed that 5 of your medals pictured are marked "Moore", quite a coincidence that your Uncle almost surely purchased those medals from me or my Dad. Small world...
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