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  1. Well, i got the US Mint medal....and it has a nick at the edge along with some discoloration on the edge near where the nick is also. I returned it asking for a new replacement. Other than the nick etc, it is a nice medal....I do wish that it had some "toning" to it, but it is still nice. I hope the 2nd one does not have a nick in it anywhere.
  2. I am going to examine the medals "patina", (I am real picky about that aspect), and if I like the looks of it, I will probably order another one and give it to my sister.
  3. It is my first medal from the US Mint. It is a 3 inch bronze copy of the Congressional Gold Medal that Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey, M.D. received. One of the reasons I wanted it, was because Dr. Debakey physically in person gave my sister her Doctor of Medicine M.D. degree during the graduation ceremony when she graduated from the Baylor Medical School in Houston, TX some years ago. It was designed and engraved by Don Everhart. I will get it in a couple weeks, and will let you know what i think of it when I receive it. There is a good bio of Dr. DeBakey here.... http://myhero.com/myhero/hero.asp?hero=michael_debakey Interesting to see that he developed the M.A.S.H. concept for military health care according to that bio web site.
  4. The resulting moire issue is probably a security design built into the note deliberately. It probably would not be an issue if one scanned in 2400 dpi mode, but most scanners can not scan in that native resolution. My 2 scanners peak at 1200 dpi.
  5. Of all the 1896 Education notes, that one, the nerve circulated 10 dollar one is my least favorite. Now the 5 dollar one, that is a winner. I have heard that some people refused to use the 1896 5 dollar note because of the sexy image on it.
  6. Yep, that is the one. I have close to the top close-up image on my 3rd Gen iPOD nano. The color screen on those iPODS are amazing. (It is from a scan that I did of my ANA print, and the ratio of the size to the original is accordance with the US law guidelines for displaying currency, that being less than 3/4 and more than 1 1/2.)
  7. He very well could have....sometimes engravers cross-over into other things also. For example, one of the designers of one of the Franklin Mint Art-Calendar medals from the mid 70s, I forget which one but I have the medal, also did some bank note designs for some countries in South America.
  8. I have the official Bureau of Engraving ANA convention intaglio prints from the original master plates that were done for the 1896 Education series...they are from the 1971 through 1974 ANA shows. It includes the designed and die made but never released 10 dollar Education note also. They only show the one side of the notes, the most famous sides with the figures on them. They are really well done....I did not pay much for them...I got them some years ago at one of the Florida FUN coin shows. It is a much cheaper way of getting the beautiful designs of the 1896 series notes. As you know great condition actual 1896 notes are very expensive.
  9. Yes, mine are all 76mm bronze. they also made them in silver non-proof 76mm. I believe the gold ones were smaller than 76mm. 2004 was the last year that the Franklin Mint made calendar art medals. The new owner of the company wants to get them back into making medals, so maybe they will start making the calendar medals again. I also have the 1977 Carter Inaugural medal from Franklin, since my parents subscribed to the mints medals for those years, so they sent the presidential one also. I would never part with them, but I have 2 of the 1977 calendar medals...(They did not include the Lucite stand the first time, so I asked them to send the stand, but they instead sent a whole other medal plus the stand, a bonus.) Medallic Art also used to make calendar art medals very similar to the Franklin Mint ones.
  10. It seems the US only cares about "security" and not beauty. I still think a secure note can also have beauty however...(We will never again see anything in the US like the 1896 Education Notes though.)
  11. When I read the topic of the thread, I thought to myself.."Any of the US 1896 "Education Notes" are the most beautiful, but after just seeing the 500Fr note you posted, I changed my mind. That French note is just amazing.
  12. I have the 4 Franklin Mint Calendar Art Medals for the 4 years 1977 through 1980....how much of an interest is there out there for these?? I have the bronze ones and think they are beautiful. I also have the 1965 400 year anniversary medal for St Augustine, Florida by Monjo from Medallic Art.
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