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  1. Thanks @thedeadpoint! I already posted better photos.
  2. Hello, Hi have a 971 gold medal, uncirculated. It is written on one side "SIMON BOLIVAR 1783-1830" with his face pointing a bit on his right side. On the other face of the coin it is written "EL LIBERTADOR" with Simon Bolivar riding a horse facing to a shin sun to his right, and a map of South America on hi back. The medal weights around 8 gr. and is stamp saying is 917 gold plus a mark next to it on an hexagon were is written inside 79 B. I'm not on numismatics so I don't have proper equipment, therefore I couldn't see clear what is written there clearly. Think is 79 B, but could be also 79 13, or even 79 18. By this, I don't know if I'm doing right, I'm trying to determinate the year of production and country. Because of this I think could be 79 (some year) and B from Bolivia. I tried to research online but didn't found this coin, just found something close to it on style, but silver: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Panama-1974-0-925-Silver-3-8538-oz-20-Balboas-Simon-Bolivar-PROOF-/321195547427 Some photos: http://imgur.com/a/wSXUj http://imgur.com/a/IZVNB http://imgur.com/a/1Uue9 http://imgur.com/a/OPnYc Some help would be appreciated to determine if it is a rare coin, how much coins has minted, country estimated value,...to collect as much information as I can. Then I can maybe try to sell it. Nice forum by the way, Cheers! EDIT: already posted photo of the mark I cannot see clear wahts there. For me 79 B EDIT 2: With last photo I managed to made with an old cd reader lent I can see is 29 B or 29 13, very dificult for me without numismatic knoledge to say what is there.
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