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  1. Hello fellow collectors; I find that it is extremely difficult to locate people who collect Talers, but I keep trying. Nationalism has a noticeable influence among most all of the numismatist I encounter, and my collection focus was once, to also focus solely on US coins. I viewed them through the education of marketeers, not only because that was how I was taught, but also because that was all that I was exposed to. Hopefully this forum is a place to find folks who now collect different patterns to add to their treasures. I was becoming bored with the repetitious issues that I was collecting " mostly US coins ", and I was starting to reach out into the world of Medals. Medals at least are a vast area to explore. Then I came across my first thaler, and now they are my only focus. My first was a1581 Saxony Thaler, and that coin brought me back to the excitement of the coin shows. I had almost given up. It was something that grabbed my attention from 30 feet away. The patina, the focus to detail, the size, and the history that I needed to learn now steered me down a path of anxiety once again. There are very few people who collect Talers, ( in the US ) and that is why I say that there is a definite nationalism element behind the business of coin sales. But when you collect what pleases your own eye instead of collecting what is touted as a precious coin, you will quickly find that your collection is no longer based on the hopes that it increases in value, but the reality that it is not for sale. My view is that the artful designs, that are the coins from the renaissance need no salesman, as they speak for themselves. If you collect these types of coins, If you have questions, or if you simply want to show and tell, I would like to talk. I have been collecting and studying talers for a short 5 years, but I also have 5 years books and of information to exchange with any like minded collector. You can e-mail me at Thalerminer@yahoo.com or visit my web page at Peerlesscoins.com I am not interested in selling my coins, so do not feel like I am going to try to pressure you to buy from me. I am offering an exchange of information and a new view into our hobby and it's possibilities. Keith
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