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  1. If its authentic $100 is a great deal. How much of a gambler are you?
  2. Does the seller have a good reputation? Whats the price? Could just be the lighting but the coloring looks like 2 different coins.
  3. Just my opinion but it looks like glue or some other foreign material that stuck some coins together. I vote PMD but thats just my opinion.
  4. You could use a scale also. put a pre'67 quarter on one side and your '67 on the other. If they balance its a 80% If they don't its a 50%.
  5. Interesting. Where did you dig it? Anything on the reverse?
  6. I think I posted somewhere in the asylum my recent CoinStar find. It included 61 Half Dollar coins.ns.
  7. Short answer. Peace dollars are just a type of Silver Dollar.
  8. Without seeing it in hand I would agree with Colin. PMD.
  9. So far as I know only two 1982Dsmall date bronze cents have been verified. so they do exist.
  10. My oldest son has been living in Ecuador for some time now and as many of you know they use US currency. The Sacajawia Dollar coins are the most commonly used coin but recently 2018 Kennedy half dollars have started to show up with regularity. You can't even get them from the banks here.
  11. Dansco 8176 is Ike Dollars with proof only issues included.
  12. Fine. Maybe refering to the purity of the metal?
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