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  1. apuking Swiss 20 Francs Pattern 1876 Made by the american die cutter and inventor George Fracis Champney while he presented his new coin press machine in Brussels (Belgium) in 1877. Unfortunatelly he did not achieve to sell a single coin press. Private minted pattern where original coin dies from two different coins where used. Of great rarity and if real I think should be graded by one of the two big grading companies if real. Does the edge say CHAM PNEY BOSTON as it should be?
  2. The bust of Leopold II is the pattern of a belgian 20 francs gold coin. The LW is the mintmaster/die cutter Leopold Wiener
  3. philip2112 I seen your post here and found your coin/medal/mule was interesting and posted it on the Numista site. The members also found the piece interesting. Here are the members thoughts from Numista so far. Ed PetrusAscanus Please send the pictures to Marc, he has made a complete inventory of all belgian medals, tokens and jetons. He propably can help you marc.willemans@telenet.be Please keep us informed ... Thanks apuking I have some books on swiss patterns, I will check if I can find more information on this mule