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    I collect most U.S. Coins but my favorite is the Franklin Half Series.
  1. The Wheeling Coin Show is a Quarterly Show. For more details go to Wheeling Coin Show Thank You, Ben
  2. I have been away for a while but am back and plan to start chatting a lot more. Ben
  3. I don't want to point to specific listings but go to Ebay and do a search for SAMPLES in U.S. Coins.
  4. Hello Everyone! I just spotted the newest scam going on now. Coins which have been AT'ed and slabbed in generic holders. Some people will go the any extreme to "make" money. Oops! I meant to say "take" money. I feel bad for anyone who is new to this great hobby and gets taken by jerks like these. Ben
  5. 1964 Kennedy Half PCGS Sample... can't wait to see this in hand... Looks nicer than most I've seen. Ben
  6. SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 12TH - 9AM TO 4PM COMFORT INN I-70 @ Exit 11 (Dallas Pike) Triadelphia, WV 26059 Phone: 304.547.0610 Fax: 304.547.9029 Cash Prizes and a 50/50 drawing at 3:30pm with proceeds going to the Our next show will be on December 12, 2009
  7. That gvy mvst not know that all Peace Dollars are spelled that way... what a moron! And, what the heck is a "markation" ? Ben
  8. Here is a good example of FBL's
  9. I should have most of those in MS63-MS66... I'll check tomorrow and let you know here. Ben
  10. The only coin I received this week was a rotated reverse... But, I'm looking forward to next week!
  11. I feel the same as far as condition rarities... If you had a choice between ONE 1949D Franklin Half in MS66FBL and a complete set of Franklin Halves in MS65, which would you choose. Also, you'd have to pay about twice the price of the set for a 1962 MS66FBL and almost three times the price of the set for a 1963 in MS66FBL. And I won't even mention the 1953S FBL coins. Ben
  12. I'll go with Brilliant Uncirculated and Colorfully Toned coins. I don't like dull gray or ugly toning. My two cents
  13. Hope this little bit 'o info will help...this one lists for $165.00 retail.
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