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    @Marko Welcome to the forum.
  2. Manfred

    Die Break? Any info is appreciated-

    Agree, definitely PMD
  3. @Rowellcents If you think you have a transitional error visit the following site as a start. lincolncentsonline.com/transitionalErrors.html
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    New to CoinPeople

    Hi GND Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. I don't know how "eager" you were when you collected as teenager (meaning how much research you did and knowledge you gained) I will not be able to assist you with UK coins. However, i would suggest that you divide your collection. (the more "scarce/rare" ones from the more "normal/common" coins) I'm aware of different varieties (high tide / low tide) etc. Also keep the coins with silver content in mind. You can try to contact a local dealer in your area but keep in mind that they will offer substantially less than catalogue price. Also try to find a Omnicoin member willing to assist you with the scarce/rare coins ... https://www.omnicoin.com/search/?tp=2&country=United+Kingdom&kw= Hopefully other forum members may also have other suggestions
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    What are these tokens

    Very interesting ... thanks for sharing
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    South Africa - Silver 1 Rand