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  1. You should check out this error guide: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/error.html It will help you determine exactly what you have.
  2. What is it? The person who discovers something and the person who submits it aren't always the same person. Some coins will even say "Discovered by whoever and submitted by whoever".
  3. cwb

    woodgrain penny

    That is a improper alloy mix known as a "Woody" Nice find! The bottom of this page shows another example: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/miscellaneous.html
  4. Hello all My name is Claude, I am the author of lincolncentsonline.com Thank you for letting me be a part of this group!
  5. There are some great examples of filled die errors on this page: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/filleddie.html Go there and compare with what you have. Hope this helps!
  6. It's not a lamination error. This site explains what it is: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/miscellaneous.html That site also has a three section error guide that explains a lot about what errors are and how they happen. Hope this helps!
  7. There are several examples of wrong planchet errors on this site: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/Wrong%20Planchet%20Errors.html
  8. This page: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/cuds.html shows several examples of chips, and cuds. Very informative!
  9. http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/index.html
  10. Cents with no mint marks are minted at the Philadelphia mint. The coin you are describing sounds like it may be a "dryer coin". There is an example of one on this page: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/pmd.html
  11. cwb

    How to store coins

    This site: http://www.lincolncentsonline.com/holders.html has a whole page dedicated to coin holders & storage. Hope this helps.
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