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  1. No visible marks on it. Was placed in a change box in 1964 and not moved or touched again until 2015. Has glossy shine and deep red color. The back is also still glossy and has an almost greenish patina on the outer and a deep red in the center. There are a few marks on front surface, but letters, numbers, and reliefs are all very sharp and show little wear. I would think this would be considered very good condition for a coin that has seen circulation given the date. So worth grading or waste of time and money?
  2. I have never seen a coin wear an outer ring only. The side is not worn and there isnt any difference in color. The middle back of the coin is in better shape than the front. Most all coins I see, this area is one of last areas to visibly show wear due to it being protected in a sense by the rim of the coin.
  3. Have been going through my change for a few years now, but only last few months have I started looking for stamping errors, double dies, and such. A few days ago while giving my a change a quick once over, I saw this dime. 1985 D Is this a stamping error or does anyone have an idea what it is? The back has the same thing but just less pronounced. I tried to get best pics I could. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can get you pics from angles or with more/less lighting if need be.
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