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    Republic of Turkey coins,Bulgarian coins,Ottoman Empire coins
  1. Thanks a lot art1.2. I really enjoy with those coins
  2. I finally got some special cois from Turkey National Mind . http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/143/19/26/urartular---anadolu-medeniyetleri-serisi-no-5.html (1.5 grams gold this coin is about anatolia empires) http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/129/19/27/gelibolu.html (31.10 grams silver this coin is about Gallipoli"Çanakkale") http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/125/19/27/sarikamis-harekati-100--yili.html (31.10 grams silver this coin is about Sarıkamış War with Russia Empire) http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/135/19/29/1-dunya-savasi-ve-Canakkale-zaferinin-100-yili.html ( in this set we have 2 coins.2 coins are 31.10 grams silver this set is about WWI and Çanakkale War.) http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/77/19/29/2014-tedavul-para-seti.html http://emagaza.darphane.gov.tr/product/130/19/29/2015-tedavul-para-seti.html ( I bought 2 sets about Turkish circulation coins) Note: silvers 925/1000 fineness and gold one is 917/1000 fineness.
  3. This coin has a extra part on the Ataturk's neck .
  4. You can see in this link my coin
  5. In this coin we have double press in Ataturk's neck,chin and ear. What do you think about this coin ?
  6. I think it is UNC. I give 9/10 points for this coin hahahah
  7. You are welcome. Yes, Istanbul is nice city. If you come here , we can meet with you I have lots of Turkish liras errors. I want to share all of them
  8. Today I bought a new coin for my collection. Informations About This Coin Weight: 7.216 grams Diameter : 22 mm Fineness: 0.917 Metal: Gold(917/1000) Who Is Inonu? Ismet Inonu is second president of Turkey and he was a general when Turkish Independence War.
  9. Generally I collect clean errors Thanks a lot by the way I have lots of errors and in the convinient times I want to share with forum
  10. Thanks a lot art1.2 and seldom
  11. It is a very interesting error. I want to show this error:) In this error Ataturk is crying. Who is Ataturk? Ataturk is first president of Republic of Turkey and he won lots of wars about of independent of Turkey
  12. Hi everbody. I am from Turkey. I am dentistry student and I am 20 years old. I collect coins when I was 8 years old. I interested Ottoman Empire coins, modern Turkish Republic coins and Bulgarian coins
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