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  1. Hi and thanks for the reply. It is definitely is not lead. The weight is too light re' size. The two pictures don't show the remains of the silvery finish around the rim and between the lettering very well. But I still can't find a reference to a 1 Dollar token. Cheers Brian.
  2. I have this token and am trying to find out more detail about it. It does not feel or look old, quite light at 12g and a silvery coated alloy type metal, diameter 38mm. I assume that the Chinese script relates to value ? or the Plantation ?I have found that the Deli-Bedagei plantation was originally an East-Indies company but can find no reference to this particular token so any information would be really appreciated.ThanksBrian.
  3. Both these russian banknotes appear to have the same serial number R (reversed)K-017 Does this mean that they are fakes or were banknotes produced in batches with the same number ? Thanks. Brian.
  4. If anyone can give me any information about this banknote it would be appreciated. I assume it is from China but can get no further in identifying it. Thanks fozz57
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