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  1. If there is anyone who is familiar with these Medals/Coins I need your help. I have a great opportunity to get these coins/medals at what I see as a good price, well I think it is. That is why I need your help!! Yes, there are a lot of items. I am new at collecting large medals/coins. I was thinking about buying these items as a bulk deal, but I want to make sure I am not going to get ripped off, I am sure you can relate? This would be my first bulk buy if the price is right. Any comments or help with price would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance! 1993 5 OZ Inventions & Discoveries Yin & Yang Philosophy 50y W/COA and box #0000438 1997 5 OZ AUSPICIOUS MATTERS w/COA 1990 20 OZ DRAGON PHOENIX, 150Y w/Box Mintage 1500 w/Box and COA 1989 5 OZ Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy OFFICIAL MINT MEDAL W/COA BOX #0681 1999 5 OZ SILVER CHINA PANDA 200 Yn PROOF 69 DCAM INT'L COIN EXPO HK *POP 6* Mintage 1999 PCGS 32569918 1996 5 OZ UNICORN, 50 Yn w/ original Box and COA, mintage 1500 1989 1989 China 5oz Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin silver medal coin with COA and box 2001 5 OZ, Tun-Huang Rock Cave 8000 mintage 1993 5 OZ SILVER, Yuan Fu Lu & Shu 50Y 1985 5 OZ SILVER PANDA HK INT'L COIN EXPO W/BOX 1988 5 oz SilVER, PANDA MUNICH INT'L COIN FAIR NG 1995 5 OZ Yellow River Culture series I, 50y Mintage 500 NG 1994 12 OZ UNICORN 100y with COA and box, Mintage 2000 #0000755 1997 5 OZ AUSPICIOUS MATTERS w/ Box and COA #3753 NG 2011 5 OZ SILVER, 300Y OFFICIAL COMMEMORATIVE, HISTORICAL MONUMENTS OF DEGFENG, CENTER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. W/BOX AND COA #4741 1986 5 OZ SILVER, PANDA ANA 95TH CONV CERT NGC 3553438-005 1989 5 oz SILVER Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy Official Mint Medal POP 25 NGC 355377-002 1989 5OZ SILVER Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy OFFICIAL MINT MEDAL *POP 25* NGC 3553777-006 1988 5 OZ SILVER, 7TH INT'L COIN EXPO HK/AG PCGS 27345861 2005 5 OZ SILVER PANDA, 50 Yn PROOF 69 DCAM, BONUS BOX AND COA AS WELL PCGS 32569928 1991 12 OZ PANDA PR69DCAM PCGS 27345835 1997 5 OZ THREE KINGDOMS NGC 3406545-007 1989 5 OZ GENERAL GUAN YU PF69UC NGC 3553437-003 1987 5 OZ SILVER PANDA HK EXPO NGC 3553435-006 1987 3.3 OZ SILVER SHOU-XING GOD OF LONGEVITY PF69 UC NGC 3553435-003 1993 12 OZ SILVER, PANDA 100Y PR69DCAM PCGS 27345837 1996 12 OZ PANDA 100Y PR69 PCGS 27345840 1990 12 OZ PANDA 100Y PR69 PCGS 27345864 1994 CHINA SCALLOPED HONG KONG BI-MET 50 MM --Mintage 400 PCGS 27755980 1989 3.3 OZ SILVER ZHAO GONGMING, Ag PROOF 69 DCAM **POP 8** PCGS 27345842 1987 5 oz, SILVER, PANDA, 6th INT'L COIN HK EXPO **POP 4** PR69DCAM PCGS 27345853 2005 5 OZ SILVER PANDA, 5O Yn **POP 7** PR69DCAM PCGS 32569928 1986 5 OZ SILVER, PANDA, 95TH ANA NY **POP 1** PR69DCAM PCGS 27345848 1988 5 OZ SILVER DRAGON 1997 27 GRAM SILVER (38MM) CHINA "YEAR OF THE OX" W/BOX AND COA 1991 3.3 oz SILVER PANDA 10TH ANNIVERSARY MS69, *Mintage 2000 NGC 3553437-004
  2. I happened to buy several of the same coins and I have noticed this particular coin had a very High-Gloss finish. It is pretty cool as this Rare Variety is definitely noticeable. I had posted two coins for comparing. I hope you can see the difference. These coins have NOT been doctored or altered in any way. This is great collectors coin. The Buy Price is 165.00 you can also check my eBay store worldcollectibles310. RARE VARIETY REGULAR COIN If you have any comments I look forward to reading them!
  3. @ I'll catch up...someday. I do agree I have a few N Ireland notes. Some recently went into an auction and sold very well. I have a few left I will post them today. Thanks for the comment.
  4. I had a lot of people asking me about Hong Kong Banknotes well here is a very nice note with a very nice grade from PMG. I do have other Hong Kong banknotes that I will be posting soon. If you have any interest in other Hong Kong Banknotes send me a message and I will post those as well. I am always open to learning about Hong Kong Banknotes anyone would like to leave some comments on this note please do so.
  5. A very desired 1989 China Endangered Wildlife, Chinese Tiger Series II Gold makes a great collectors coin. This coin is 1/4 oz Gold and NGC graded Proof 68 Ultra Cameo Price: 500.00 USD Price: 500.00
  6. I have a beautiful 1996 China Unicorn 5 oz Silver 50y with Original box and COA! 3000 I have many other Unicorns as well for sale as well 1994 China Unicorn, 12 oz Silver with COA and Box. No Photo today on the 100Y -$3000 If interested please send me a message. I will upload pic ASAP! 1997 China Unicorn 1 oz Silver, PCGS Graded PL 69 $399.00....on eBay worldcollectibles310 1996 China Unicorn 1/20 oz Gold, NGC MS69 $195.00......on eBay worldcollectibles310 1996 China Unicorn 1/20 oz Platinum NGC MS68 $350.00.....on eBay worldcollectibles310
  7. It has taken me a long time to find this coin/medal. I have not found any on eBay or other popular numismatic websites either. Even though 2001 is still a modern date it was difficult to find one but overall a very High-Quality find. Has anyone found one on another numismatic site? I would like to get more information on it as well as what a good market price to sell it.
  8. I have this amazing commemorative medal which I had found some interesting History. To celebrate 1994 as the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Lunar Zodiac the special Five-Ounce commemorative Silver Proof features the Native Chinese Shar-Pei (Chinese for Sand-Skin) The ancestry of this ancient breed of dog can be tracked over 2000 years, but by 1970, it was almost extinct and known as the world’s rarest dog! The reverse of the “Year of the Dog” Silver Proof features the Yin Yang symbol in the center, surrounded by the eight trigrams that are the basis of the I Ching. It is really a great commemorative medal!
  9. I was told that the shorter the number engraved in the back of medal means it has more value to it? Is that true?? I appreciate any info on this topic. If you have any historical facts on this Medal it would also be very helpful. Thank you in advance!
  10. They are really pretty notes. I had several offers on them on my eBay store. I really think other people feel the same as you and I.
  11. These large colorful Irish Banknotes have some great grades and beautiful color. In my opinion, Irish Banknotes have the tendency to be undervalued compared to Asian Notes. They are a very historical country with some long existing currency. It is time some of these notes get some recognition. I just started to collect them recently and wanted to share my notes and my opinion. If anyone would like to share their opinion I would love to read it.
  12. This beautiful 1941 (ND) Pick# J137e China, Central Bank of Manchukuo, 5 Chiao, PMG 65 GEM UNC was a great find. Came back with a great grade! Does anyone have any history on the Manchukuo Notes? I appreciate any info. Thank you in advance.
  13. A very unique 2002 China 2 OZ Sichuan Sanxingdui Relics coin, NGC Proof 69 Ultra Cameo. This a pretty cool looking coin. It is a great collectors coin for anyone who is or knows someone into Sci-Fi. I always liked this coin. What do you think??
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