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  1. OCCUPATION - 1945 Printed in Goznak, Moscow, USSR 200,250,500,1000,5000 leva 1945 Bulgaria USSR OCCUPATION
  2. Is this coin fake: filip 1 filip 2
  3. Thank you. I will save one banknote for my collection, another I list in ebay.
  4. Here is more information for this rare banknotes: Copyright is from this book:
  5. Today I buy very interesting and rare banknotes about Thrace internationale: Banknotes is very rare with stamp from French government. Catalog values are from 750$ to 1500$. Here is Pick catalog page :
  6. yes Bulgarian paper money dealer sell this banknote with sign of woman. Here is your email: bg_papermoney@gbg.bg
  7. new Bulgarian note from 1st June, 5 leva 2009
  8. Price: 600$ 3.52gr. 23.65 carat contact email
  9. price is 400$ Quality: Extremely Fine. contact email
  10. I sell Bulgarian banknotes see link, for prices send me email or PM Bulgarian banknoes for sale
  11. Yes that banknotes is printed in Russia with technology by Orlov Hers is my the best Orlov banknotes: Is anybody from Russia have proofs or trails from this banknotes? ;-)
  12. There are some rare banknotes that missed in my collection.
  13. I looking for Bulgarian SPECIMEN banknotes.
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