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    Fantasies Republics of Armenia & Azerbaijan

    When I tried to upload pictures, I was told too big.
  2. Would like any information or articles available for these two Brass 5 Ruble "coins" dated 1920. They were bought from a U.S. dealer in 1966. Sorry the pictures are not able to be uploaded as they are too big. Thank you.
  3. HoledandCreative

    New purchase fom local show

    1. Okay, although I have never heard of the copyright police coming down on a picture or a page shared from any publication for research. Your pub so no problem here. 2. I already expressed my thanks without giving a thought about info not being legitimate. 3. Now, you imply you might have lied about it, I don't know why you would, unless making up things on the forum is just fun for you. 4. Out.
  4. HoledandCreative

    New purchase fom local show

    He would like to see page 126, on which is info concerning the above fantasy. My friend is 77 and is not looking to invest any more in his library at this stage in his life..
  5. HoledandCreative

    New purchase fom local show

    That modern, wow! Thank you both for the info. Is there a download for that supplement anywhere?
  6. HoledandCreative

    New purchase fom local show

    Thank you. I was hoping to hear quite different news for my friend. When do you think it was made? 18th or 19th century? He was fairly confident that it was not a modern production, as was I. The coin, in hand, looks to be a nicely toned, early coin. The edge is interesting and may throw a different light on the piece. I will get a picture of the edge and post when I can.
  7. HoledandCreative

    New purchase fom local show

    Can anyone share an opinion of this coin, pattern, fantasy, or ?? Thanks.