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  1. I have a question about tokens with Blanchisseuse or Vivandier on them. Blanchisseuse and Vivandier were part of the civil people that followed an army. Blanchisseuse is a laundry woman who can wash the soldiers clothes. Vivandier sold food and drink to the soldiers. Below you can see a token from the fresh army in Hannover about 1804-05. My question si how was this token used. Was it for a prepaid service, a token confirming you were an "official" Blanchisseuse or something entire different? BLANCHISSEUSE
  2. Jokerman

    Error dime

    Does this dime have any value?
  3. Jokerman

    Very RARE Coin - Need some help !

    There are some really good pages on English coins here: http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/coins.html
  4. Jokerman

    Napoleonic Medals

    I dont really collect this, but it was in such a good condition I just had to buy it. Battle of Waterloo 1815. Crown Prince of Orange. BHM 875.
  5. Jokerman

    ITS now all about the label and NOT the coin...

    I don't collect plastic.
  6. Dont click on it, copy it and paste it in a new window. BTW! I love it.
  7. Anybody with knowledge about Canadian(?) tokens? Picked up this lot, but know very little.
  8. Jokerman

    Norway 10 kroner banknote

    Send me a PM with post address and I will send you one.
  9. Anybody who knows anything about this medal?
  10. Jokerman

    Norway 10 kroner banknote

    Great! Do you send a mail address in PM and I'll send it as soon as possible. One more to go!
  11. Jokerman

    Norway 10 kroner banknote

    Dont be modest! These notes are as I said in circulated condition and I am not giving away a fortune. But since I dont collect banknotes any more I think they deserve a better home.
  12. After a little spring cleaning i found 2 Norwegian 10 kroner notes from the 1980s. They are in circulated condition. Since I dont collect bank notes I am giving them away for free to the first two that are interested. I will also cover shipping. The notes looks like this: http://www.worldbanknotescoins.com/2015/04/norway-10-kroner-banknote-1983-fridtjof-nansen.html
  13. Jokerman

    Battle of Dennewitz 1813

    Paid in blood, but Im happy