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  1. This is a fun post to see. I thought I would give it a look. What are the chances that next time I go to the store I am going to take a swipe in that bin? My luck,,, there will a line... However, I promise not to post unless I find a 14-D or something like that. In fact, I got a 1916 P penny a few weeks ago in change. Please nobody post a 39 Jeff, the room will laugh. I will assume that it is mostly foreign stuff. So I won't get my hopes up.
  2. I never had an interest in toned coins before. But I had to buy this one. For only $40. I think it looks great. But I understand this could have been done artificially. My compliments to the artist.
  3. Hello again, I decided to start a proof state quarter collection. Actually, I got a Whitman album that holds both P and D mints. The P slot will hold the colorized quarters and the D slot will be the clad proofs. Good idea, I know. I do have cotton gloves to put these proofs in the album. However, even the guy I bought them from advised against pressing down on the proofs with the cotton gloves. So I ask, what would be a good material or object to lightly press these coins into the port? I have ruled out a hammer, an oily rag and my cats paw. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have thoughts like a hard piece of rubber that comes to a semi point, then gently press down on a part of the coin that is not the mirror like surface. These are not exactly going into a museum, but I would like to keep them clean. Also, since Whitman makes some albums specifically to hold proofs, I assume they are acid free pages and will not tarnish or tone over time. Thanks, Jim
  4. Exactly ccg. Everybody has a little drawer somewhere that has a several wheats, a Buffalo nickel, a 43 penny, and a couple of those golden dollars. Check any females jewelry box and one drawer will be old coins.
  5. This looks like a slow place so this is slightly off topic. If I end with a coin like a wheat cent that fails to sell, or a dateless Buffalo, ect. I got the idea several years ago to 'Drop' these coins in a place where someone will find it. Like a grocery store or whatever. Hopefully a kid finds it and it sparks his interest. I think I started coins because I found, or was given an old coin at age 6 or 7. OK, it seems a little silly, but I thought it was a neat idea. Think of the excitement certain people would get. Besides it would give a kid something better to do than video games or hacking into the into the CIA. If any of you remember my Dansco album post. It took 6 hours to transfer all the pennies, nickels and dimes. But they look very good. I even took the time to remove the reverse vinyl and press the coins forward. And no, I am not OCD,,, I think. That's my story, Have a nice night, Jim P.S. The only coin I am missing is an S-VDB. Send me one and I will put you on my X-Mas card list for life.
  6. Here is the link. Not positive it will work.... 1922Ddievarieties1.html
  7. Actually, I just saw the story behind it. The mint in 1922 was in disarray. Yikes!
  8. Not sure about that. Seems a little far fetched.
  9. Hello coin guys. Can anyone elaborate on the story with the 1922-Plain Lincoln? I assume it was an error coin. Then why the heck is there a space for it in the Dansco album? As I was searching for a space filler for the spot, I noticed that many 22-D's have 'weak' D's. I suspect that this led to the problem. Was this a result of a faulty die? Dye, however you spell it. I hate to cheat but I will have to get a weak D for that spot. I can't justify spending 500 on the mistake. I suspect many Lincoln guys have done this before. But don't tell anyone my secret. But this is on the internet, nobody will see it. Thanks, Jim
  10. Hello again. Thanks for the answers to my scratchy Lincoln cent obverse. It looks to be a common thing that has to do with the die at time of striking. I got an XF 1909-S for 115. Just because the seller put a caution that it may have been cleaned. I win. Having to do with my Lincoln collection, I would like some opinions on Coin albums. I have had my collection in Whitman folders for all these years. I have all UNC from 37 to date. I have made many upgrades through the years. Now it's time for an album. I assume,,,, Dansco (7100) is the way to go. 1909 to 2009. With extra holes for a few more years. 2016 I think. No proofs, but does have a 1922-Plain hole. Which was a mistake. I'll just put a 22-D in their and who will know the difference? I was hoping to be proud of my album with only ONE blank spot. That 22-P can bite me. Does anyone consider the Dansco albums to be the best ones? Thanks again,,,, Jim
  11. Hello, I am new here. But would appreciate some opinions about this 1909-S Lincoln. The seller said that it may have been cleaned in the past. My question is,,,, are those brush marks on the obverse? Or possibly die cleaning marks. It has full sharp wheat's. I just don't want a cleaned one. Thanks, Jim
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