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  1. Scottishmoney - very nice bit of hsitory there. Thank you for sharing that. I knew the saying about old, new, borrowed, blue. But never knew the last part. Also a very nice tanner for your beloved.
  2. he would help me catch the coins being thrown at us, so we wouldn't need helmets.
  3. I would let my husband wear a helmet if he wanted.
  4. very nice start to BankNoteBank. Keep 'em comin. Love to look at new notes.
  5. Don't expect me to come to your wedding just to throw gold coins over your head.
  6. Thank you, all. I am rediscovering Currency Collecting and am so thoroughly enjoying it.
  7. I have been a scanning fool over the past week or so. As a result, on BankNoteBank, I have finally reached the top 5 collections in size (684 notes). It may not last more than a few minutes, but I just had to brag for a second. I had forgotten how many gorgeous notes were sitting in notebooks waiting for me to enjoy them again. This is fun!
  8. I have notes from Zaire (which I thought was in Africa). But there is no entry in the drop down for Zaire. Others have put them in: Congo Zambia West African States Central African Republic So, where should mine go?
  9. I'm not so sure they force feed coins to the public. I bet there are lobbiests with really loud voices that want the "useless" coins to stay, so they stay. That coupled with the general public's resistance to change is keeping these "useless" coins in circulation.
  10. some sort of malfunction between the operator and the keyboard.
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