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  1. By the way how do you upload more pics at once into one post,cause it keeps showing me "the file is too large" when I try to attach 2nd photo? ...it's cleaned and has a nasty scratch but still not found on daily basis and for the price it was very reasonable to "adopt" it
  2. Here is my latest addition to the gold coins.Being quite passive these days with gold due to the price,but still my eye got caught by this one year type.Does anyone know what is the mintage of it,cause my catalogue doesn't say anything?Sorry for the pic quality didn't want to take out from the already sealed storage.
  3. Hi, I came across what I assume is the token,but have no idea what country of origin(German?)and the purpose for it....any help is appreciated .
  4. doesn't really look like a silver one.......... http://cgi.ebay.com/UK-1897-TRADE-DOLLAR-S...=item3f0085584e
  5. I voted primarily for the historical aspect,but I find myself often having a problem to stay on the single path.And the reason ...because there a too many beautiful coins!So when I find something eye catching and with history,I usually will find a way to get it even if it's out of my budget! a few times I even lived for a month or so on the buckwheat and bread(with some butter) and water just to get a few rare stamps(yes I also collect them too) and coins. So when you're not a very wealthy person you automatically try not to waste any money,and that's why I would consider a profit/wealth insurance a very important part of this hobby also.Some might invest in stocks or other speculative things,but when I buy a coin,or a stamp,I'm suddenly not only enjoying the item - I'm investing in some countries cultural heritage,and if it happens if it's made of some precious metal,it adds the volatility to it. I really got lucky at the beginning as the collector(7 years ago) when I bought Russian 5gold roubles(tsar NikolasII) for as little as 10% over the gold spot (mostly 1900-1904 dates) at that time gold was like 600-700USD an ounce,and I was buying those common date Nikolashkins (with an eagles eye precision,or I just thought that way) for $120 a piece....later on I sent them to grading agency(NGC) and I was amazed..... out of 27 coins 11 came as MS67(mostly 1902 date),7 were slabbed as ms66,two-MS65,one-ms63 and the seven ones below ms grades......I just couldn't believe it cause few years later the russian coin prices took off.... not as much affected by gold prices but as the collectible items.So after that I really understood what it means to invest in cultural heritage,when the economy starts to grow,people will usually start to have more money to spend and they will pick a new habits,or hobbies and that turns out into a great longer term investment.Because this effect is not made by some handful oil oligarchs from Moscow its the effect(mirroring) of the whole nation....maybe prices are to high at the moment....it will take a few steps back for coming years,but comparing it to the U.S. coin market I believe it's still at the very young stages,plus there a lots of more options like Brazil and China and.... fundamentally the rest of the wide world,cause U.S. seems a little bit "too dry and used up" at the moment...........sorry for my impulsive rambling,didn't mean to flood the forum at all,I just ment to say that sometimes profit isn't bad thing at all
  6. Hello, Here is the 1902 5 Rouble coin which I found is missing some ornamental features,actually I bought this coin at the begining of my collecting interest maybe 4-5 years ago,at that time I just knew it was gold and it was russian - so it was good for my standards at that time But now I'm really wondering if this might be a minting error,or just some leftovers from alteration....
  7. Here is "unique" coin,brand new from China http://cgi.ebay.com/CHINA-REPUBLIC-1912-Me...=item439bddce97
  8. oops,I'm sorry,it should be in the russian coin forum page...maybe forum moderators could move this topic?
  9. Hi, IF anyone could enlighten me about this "stone crushing dragon" error/variety? Or is it just another damn fake which lacks "made in China" logo
  10. here it is,the closer look at the date is it the vertical line in the inner circle of the digit 2?Its the only coin which I have from that period,the others are from the NikolayII so I dont have any on hands piece for comparison.
  11. Thank you all for the responding. gxseries what you mean by saying 1732/1 is this coin has the design of the 1731 or did I misunderstood something. What literature do you recommend for the 17th - 18th century russian coinage.
  12. very nice idea actually for the collection. and I'm waiting for the 1566 hope its gonna come down.
  13. by the way,whats the mintage of it ?
  14. hello again, One day I visited a dealer in my neighborhood,looking for a russian roubles,what I had in mind was the last czars ruobles.Because I dont know much about anything else and yes I know its stupid to buy something when you dont know any info about it,but I kind of trusted him(the dealer),and bought it-I do have that impulsive shopping stuff On the double-headed eagles right wing(above) there is some greenish colour,I guess its from PVC or am I wrong?And what grade it would get(aproximetly) if I would send it to the grading service.Not sure if the NGC are grading this period russian coinage. (sorry for my english its not my first language)
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