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  1. Hi all. I do need some help with Prussian coins. Currently I am to write an article about them and I need metrologic data. I have searched throughout all books I have, from Krause to World crowns and talers, googled in all languages I know (English, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian). Still no data. All I need is to know legal weight and finess of Prussian orts (aka ortstaler, achtzehngroscher). Example: 1622, weight 7.77 g, fines 500; 1644 weight 7.50 g, finess 125. Any ideas?
  2. My website about Lithuanian coins: currently only Lithuania and only early one (up to XVI century), more coins will be added later. Also a forum: http://www.monetos.net
  3. The link is in my sig: http://www.monetos.net site functions in Lithuanian, English and Russian: currently, only Lithuania and only early coins (Algirdas-Casimir IV) function.
  4. adress: http://www.monetos.net/index.php?id=1&L=1 Website dedicated to the coins of Grand duchy of Lithuania. Currently only early coins working (Algirdas - Casimir IV). Soon, all Grand duchy will be in the catalogue. Navigation is simple: just click "Categories", then choose Lithuania and the ruler. You will see the list with coins. Every coin has its picture and description. Should you notice any errors or mistakes - you are free to report them. Comments are highly appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Vytautas, I live in Vilnius (Lithuania), am 37 years old. Worked in the Numismatic department of the National museum of Lithuania for 10 years. Main fields of interest - Prague groats, coins of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, hoards of Lithuania. Have written several scientific articles on numismatic. Recently had established a website (online catalogue) about coins of Lithuania and countries related to it. Hope to find friends here, help people attribute coins or show to them my own collection (not very big, mostly banknotes). Personal info: *nick is after Lithuanian name of the bird Puffinus, in English it should be Shearwater. In Lithuanian it sounds like "Thunderbird". *fan of Joan of Arc: she's my favourite historic person *Catholic and proud of it *taking part in webhostingtalk.com (nick: maniakaz) If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them
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