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  1. Could someone please advise on this coin,its dated 1831,really well worn and its weight is 6.3 grams,some of the edge is plain where i would think it has rubbed and some areas show small lines like a reeded edge but they run in a different way? i tried to upload a pic but its just too big and my software wont allow to shrink it,,you can click on the link to look at it or a mod might be able to shrink it for me,,,real or fake? http://app3.sellersourcebook.com/users/849...ia1_page000.jpg
  2. Picked this Russian 2? coin up the other day with a parcel of russian coins,it is dated 181? with no other numeral,are these common,the other numerals are quite easy to read but the last one is missing,anyone give me an idea on what the date might be with the mintmarks or value,thanks in anticioation and baited breath,neal
  3. Anyone out there know anything about these 1520 coins,i have searched the web and only found limited information,i believe from the info onhand that it is a coin that was made from silver out of a brothers silver mine back in the early 1500's,i believe that it may be a copy as it has a number 1967 engraved on the obverse,i have included some pics for anyone that might know anyhting abou them,if its real its worth a considerable amount,weight is 26.2 grams and 42mm in diameter
  4. Hi can anyone help me out with the value of an Austrian gold coin dated 1811,mintmark on the front is B,i am assuming it is a ducat as it looks like the restrike of 1915 but of course with a different head,it would grade almost ef,i have no reference books or cannot find anything close online,or recommend a good online site,thanks in anticipation,,,Neal
  5. Just inherited a 1875H Canada 5 cent piece,graded by CCCS as F12,nice coin but pretty small,being from Australia i dont know anything about it,re actual mintage etc,can someone please give me a quick lesson,is CCCS worth the holder they come in or can i rip it out and put it in a 2 x 2,please educate me
  6. I know nothing about these ealy Russian coins,this one is dated 1728,weighs in at 27.9 grams with a diameter of approx 41mm,is it real,any ideas on value or mintage figures,grading etc,hope someone can help
  7. Recently come across this Italian 20Lire from 1928,it weighs 21.4 troy grams and has a diameter of approx 35.5 to 36 grams,i have seen one familiar piece on an italian website but i cannot read italian,i know there would be fakes out there but was wondering if there is anything easy to determine its originality
  8. Much appreciated for the quick precise description now i know what i have,thank you
  9. Could someone please id this medal or coin for me please,i have checked several websites without luck,thanks
  10. thanks for the few replies,i got all the answers i was looking for from coinarchives.com,your help is greatly aprreciated,i never new that site existed,invaluable
  11. My 1971 Guide to world coins lists the value of a 1725 and 1728 Russian 1 rouble coin in fine condition at $15 each,can anyone zap me into 2008 and give me an idea on the value of such coins now,just a rough idea,i have 5 rouble gold coins from turn of the century that i can find on ebay for pricing,but these are a little tougher to find any values on,and i cannot read russian,any help appreciated
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