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  1. Hi everyone, I have a British £2 coin that isn't the usual Guy Falkes royal mint spelling mistakes on it around the edge. It's not "Pemember Pemember The Fifth Of November", my coin reads "Pemember Remember The F th Of November". As you can tell the "I" is missing from the word fifth and I was wondering if any of you coin folks out the had any ideas who to contact about it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi and greatings from the easy coast of the UK ...Ok I know about the "Pemember Pemember..." £2 coin and have one of those. This one is slightly different and was wondering if any one else had seen this error by the royal mint. It's inscription around the circumference reads "Pemember Remember the F.FTH Of November". As you can see it has no letter "I" in the word fifth, only a full stop. Anyone seen this before ?
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