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  1. I prefer quality, rather than quantity Also, in a bad days, i can get my money back very fast. So when i am buying such coins, i am actually not spending money - they are converted in gold coins
  2. Trying to use it, but it is Not working...
  3. Hi, Hope i posted this message in the proper place... This is my small but expensive collection ($4900 - not clearly seen on the screenshoot). I am collecting only gold & silver coins.
  4. Maybe this will be interesting for community members. This is a very powerful software i am using now for managing my collection. It allows to manage inventory of any collectibles. I found it extremely useful for my coin collection management. There are customizable statistic, collectible templates and reports. Free version is available (i started from this). http://lignup.com/coincollecting.html Hope this will save some hours of searching for those who need it.
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