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  1. 'YeOldeCollector' and "Brett" - Thanks for the information. This whole situation is becoming extremely surreal. Firstly I should point out that in no way will I sell this coin. I have waited for 30 years for this coin and if it is something rare or a complete fake it makes no difference to me, its the gift that counts for me, So anyone else that maybe reading this please do not ask. I guess I would really like to know the truth about the coin, however it is becoming difficult to get answers. I took your advise and contacted the gold sovereign people via phone yesterday (Wednesday). I am not sure who i actually spoke with but they told me what i already know - "That this does not exist - there is no mention of any such coins in all the books" After this I printed out the pictures and information from the goldsovereign.com website about a 1892 Jubille head, a 1893 "old/widow" head and the 1893 Jubille head and also the technical specifications of Modern sovereigns and hit another coin dealers shop. He was at lunch though sat down with me for a half an hour. He told me that this coin appears to be the real thing, he has never seen one before but stated that but then it was not uncommon for people/mints to experiment. He said that the weight is right and that the strike is excellent. He told me that the average cost of the other three coins that i mentioned above is about a couple of hundred each. He asked me multiple times if i wanted to sell it. I didn't. He said that this coin would be worth thousands of dollars. At the end of the conversation he offered 5K to buy it. I made no deal with him. Then he gave me some more information and places to go to verify in writting the true value of the coin. But I am still extremely doubtful, I don't know why, when i get bad news I hope for good and good news makes to doubtful, lol (lots of laughs) Some time in the near future i will hit butterfields auction house here in San Francisco for more help. I contacted the museum here in San Francisco but they could not help. I know that I really need to send this coin back to Melbourne Australia and have the Museum there which permanately hosts an display all about the Melbourne Mint and its coins. But what would I insure the coin for when i posted it? -- I really would like much more information from here in San Francisco first before I post it off. I also received more information about how the coin came into my parents possession - of course they are now quite excited as well and want the coin back - Apparantly the coin was the centre peice of a large old ornate gold pendant, shaped like a diamond. They still have the pendant, my coin was replaced with a different sovereign. At the time of purchase they did not question why it was like this, but are now wondering why would a sovereign of not much value be placed in such a large ornate thing. I guess that is it for now, If you could think of anything or place that i could go to in San Francisco to get help please let me know. I would sure like to get to the bottom of this Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I have joined this site because i was referred to it by an expert who is unable to help me. Thirty years ago my parents purchased a 1892 gold sovereign for me. This coin was minted in Melbourne. It was purchased at a very well respected coin dealers located in the now demolished luxury Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. The Coin was then taken to another coin dealer to check it out, weight, etc. Also highly respected in the coin community. All was fine. Yesterday my parents gave this coin to me as a late x-christmas present. Of course I had waited so long for it that i had to check it out on the internet. What I discovered horrified me because it may be fake but so far everything is pointing to a really rare now instead. Today i have been to three coin dealers and a gold dealer (I do not know if these people are associated or belong to an accredited group though. All of these people informed me that the coin was real, the weight and 22 carot correct, I repeatedly asked if they were sure and they were. Then I let them know the big surprise and that is that this 1892 gold sovereign does not have a "jubille" head of Queen Victoria as it should, it has a "old" Queen Victoria head with her vail. This "older Queen Victoria was produced a year later in 1893. All of a sudden each person I showed the coin to today claimed it as a fake. But they could give me no other reason as to why it was fake other then the different head. I have spoken with another coin dealer over the phone, actually this dealer is considered to be one of the oldest and most respected dealers in Melbourne and he told me coins were made like this in 1892 at the London Mint and are very rare (I can not find any information about them on the net) and he would not rule out the possibitlity of this rare coin minted in Melbourne, nor would the Australian Mint which i also contacted. I know that the drawings of the "old" Qween Victoria head were finished in November of 1892. I am wondering if i have something extremely rare, an early proof maybe, I dunno anything about coins. I now live in the United States, in San francisco and do not wish to send the coin away, especially back to Australia. Would any one be able to give me some more information about this if they know something, or be able to recommended a place in San Francisco, not a coin dealer, but perhaps a coin meseum or something like that where i could go to get some more help. Thanks for reading, Dvana
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