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  1. These are pretty sweet - all the denominations fit together to make a shield: http://www.royalmint.com/newdesigns/designsRevealed.aspx I'm not really a collector of mint sets, but I may make an exception for this....
  2. Today in change I recieved a blank penny. It was just a planchet. It has a raised rim, but no Mr. Lincoln and no Memorial. Looked like it had been circulating a few years... can't believe I was the first to grab it.
  3. I actually don't care for Colorado. But Mississippi is nice. I also like Conneticut. I think Pennesylvania is one of the dullest.
  4. I'm working on my type set for half dollars, and I'm willing to part with this three center in exchange. <img src="http://luckyliberty.com/coinpics/1866_three_cent_o1.jpg"/> This coin is in AU... the reverse is in similar condition to the front - no flaws, just some minor wear evident on the roman numeral III. In exchange, I'm looking for a Seated Liberty or Barber half dollar. I would prefer in VF condition, thought the nicer end of F might be acceptable. Please post or PM me with a picture of the coin. I am located in the US.
  5. Ah, here is the poop... http://www.numismaticnews.net/Default.aspx...91#1391Articles There will be proof and "uncirculated" versions... no business strikes except for the 1 oz.
  6. Well, I read it in wikipedia(hence "rumor"):
  7. I've heard rumors that at some point there would be 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 oz. versions of the Gold Buffalo coin. Anyone have any idea if this is true, and if so, when? I'd love to have a buffalo, but I can't be shelling out $650+ for the whole enchalada....
  8. This snake got hacked up.
  9. Somebody built a homemade coin sorter just for this purpose.... check out the video.
  10. I spent too much at the Baltimore show so I'm putting some goodies up for sale...<p> <img src="http://luckyliberty.com/coinpics/1859_indian_head_o1.jpg"><br> 1859 VF+ Indian Head Cent - $48<p> <img src="http://luckyliberty.com/coinpics/1866_three_cent_o1.jpg"><br> 1866 AU Nickel Three Cent Piece - $42<p> Shipping is free via first class mail within the United States. Other countries add $5. Returns are accepted within 7 days if not satisfied (Will refund payment in full minus my shipping costs and any paypal fees). PayPal and personal checks accepted.
  11. I'd love to see a glut of sackies. Then maybe people would spend them instead of hoarding them. They are a fine unit of currency, that no one ever uses, but should. And because no one ever uses them, I can never get them. And I'd love to have them and use them, because I'm sick of $1 bills cluttering up my billfold...
  12. I don't know where they originate, but I saw them listed on http://slickdeals.net/
  13. 1) Maine 2) Vermont 3) Conneticut What can I say... I like the New England quarters. Rhode Island is nice too. Though I don't care for the Massachusetts or the New Hampshire.
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