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  1. Allegedly there are known fakes: http://www.staraya-moneta.ru/forum/messages/forum3/topic24283/message205151/#message205151
  2. A 1706 gold Ducat was on sale - https://www.ebay.com/itm/RUSSIA-PETER-GOLD-ROUBLE-RUBEL-DUCAT-Fine-condition-but-very-rare-RR-/332937841599?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l44720 Sold for a $1034, a bargain if a real coin, but is it?
  3. Just saw Eugene's post on Staraya Moneta, and rushed back here to congratulate Sigi with this amazing find! This coin has found a worthy owner, congratulations!
  4. That's really interesting! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks! Just looked through them. Lots of unsold lots but they were somewhat pricey.
  6. GX, Look at the 1840 EM 3 kopeks. There are 4 variations: Old design, New Design, and 2 mule combinations. The same exists in 2 kopeck coins, and one of the mules (decorated cypher) was struck in 1840 and 1841. It appears that the above 3 kopecks is just such a mule, but unlike the 2 kopeck mule, it is unlisted and I have never seen one before.
  7. Someone in Russia has just dug up this. Quite amazing as this variety has never been published, however the condition has deteriorated so much that it hard (impossible?) to tell if this is real.
  8. My picture turned out a bit dark. You can see that by the background which should be white.
  9. Just noticed the coins are flowing from Russia to Sincona! MiM 82 sold a 1 kopeck 1789 MM for ~3000 (lot 112, 29 June 2013), and that same coin showed up in the last Sincona as Lot 1538 (Sold for 1400 CHF).
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