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  1. thanks for guessing hi all well the grades are in and there winging there way home to me .. just need to see what NCS did to them 4th coin is this one it got 1806 SOHO G.BRITAIN P-1363 1/2P PF 62 BN :applause: happy about that as it was found i a joblot on ebay and in NGC records it is the first Variety of P-1363 the have graded 2nd coin is it got 1770M PJ SPAIN 2R XF 45 (thumbs u From what i can make out the first of this date to be graded 3rd coin it got 1891H B.N.BORNEO 1/2C MS 64 BN :applause: which is the 9th one at this grade and only 5 graded one point above coin 5 It got 1772 G.BRITAIN 1/2P MINT ERROR VF 20 BN chuffed to bits with this one as its verified as a mint error not a evasion coin and found in a job lot on ebay coin 1 it got : AH1304//5 SUDAN KM-7.1 20P AU 50 :applause: which is a higher grade than i was expecting .. of this type only one has been graded before and that one is XF-45 well there you go any comments
  2. hi .. grade what you want .. at the least it keeps them safe and is top for insurance company's .. dont take them to a dealer .. if you lived in the uk i would get them graded for you for free (you would just pay the NGC fees) i am sure there is a nice local person to you would do the same
  3. Cheers will post pictures on there return
  4. Hi all .. well did it again had another large batch of coins delivered today and here are my picks out of the lot which should look a lot better once they have been to NCS .. off over the pond in the morning and this one from the last lot
  5. Thanks for that only $42 .. dont suppose the V error mint mark will add a premium to justify the NCS costs .. guess i will just conserve it myself and bang it on Ebay then .. some you win some you lose
  6. I must have gone coin blind .. with looking at all the stuff .. 1771 George III not II and looking at it again it has a U in the legend not the V it should be .. thanks for putting back on track
  7. yes please .. post you picture and price .. thanks
  8. Australia The Royal Ladies 1992 Proof Silver Coin Set & Authenticity Certificate This silver coin and medallion set commemorates the 40th anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The set comes complete with each coin and the medallion encapsulated and in a burgendy presentation case. Set also comes with an information booklet. The set comes with a Royal Australian Mint certificate of authenticity, No. 4978 SPECIFICATIONS ACCORDING TO ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: Coins: Denomination: $25 Alloy: Sterling (.925) Silver Nominal mass: 33.63 grams Diameter: 38.90 mm Thickness: 3.10 mm Medallion: Alloy: Sterling (.925) Silver Nominal mass: 50.44 grams Diameter: 45.00 mm Thickness: 3.50 mm BIN price £200 (UK) or best offer .. free shipping anywhere in the world PAYPAL, Check, Cash or Shield nickels taken in trade will end 30th June 2012 Thanks for looking
  9. I will have a look through my Krause 1800S ?
  10. Hi all here are some of my shields i have acquired lately .. always after more
  11. Hi all just some of the USA coins from the large collection i am sorting out
  12. And this one is just screaming out for conservation
  13. Hi all another from the lot of coins i am wondering about as you can see it is a bad fit for the planchet but is well centred it is between 27 and 28mm across and 7.2g .. i have had a lot of contempory forgery's through my hands and i cannot see any markers which would suggest that it is not real a 1771 from my collection is 30mm across.. also i cannot think of a coin during this period which would be the size of this one ??
  14. Getting there .. got some sticky ones at the moment and trying to pick stuff for conservation what about this USA one what do you think the doubling type is ?
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