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  1. Thanks bud, That Hawaii Star is an excellent one to have and is not that common in the market. This is the first one I have ever had in all the years I have been involved with paper money. Jeff
  2. One more group... Jeff Fr. 2300* $1 1935A Hawaii Silver Certificate Dominion of Canada - DC-25i $1 1923 - CU - Bronze Seal Bank of Canada - BC-5 $5 1935 - English Text
  3. Here are a couple more Jeff Colonial PA 10/1/1773 Colonial VA $500 National - Fall River MA Charter 590 $5 Type 1 - only 2 known in census National - Cleveland, OH - $1 Original Fr. 380 The Merchants NB Ch. # 773 - 4 known Galion, OH - $5 1882 Brown Back Fr. 472 The Citizens NB Ch. # (M)1984 - 1 of 2 known Selins Grove, PA - $5 1882 Brown Back Fr. 466 The First NB Ch. # 357 - 1 of 3 Brown Backs known Fr. 1503 $2 1928B Legal Tender Note - key note of series FRBN* 1860J* $10 - Max, you dont want to know how many I have now. FRBN* 1870C* $20
  4. Some of you know my affinity to nice Canadian notes .... I was excited to pick these up....just great designs and colors. There is more coming Jeff Bank of Canada BC-1 English Text - $1 - 1935 - ChAU Bank of Canada - BC-24b $10 1937 - ChCU
  5. Here are a couple that I picked up. Some are my specials ones (FRBN Stars) plus other rare ones and clean for the grades.... I will show more when I can get the pictures loaded to my server. Jeff Bison Educational $1 - CHAU Fractionals 3rd Issue - Grant/Sherman Charter 5152 - Colonial NB of Cleveland OH - Only Issued Brown Backs and this is 1 of 5 notes known. All are in this condition. Bermuda - 18b - 5 Shillings - none graded higher. FRN - Fr 1108 - 1914 BS Chicago $100 - Clean for the grade Encased Postage - HB-18 EP-33 3¢ Take Ayer's Pills (I know its round and was shiny, but they are hard to find and always with currency) Fractional 4th Issue - A delightful Dexter that is going into my personal collection....since I have been ignoring it for too long.
  6. Happy to get these.....Jeff Fr. 1200 1922 Gold Certificate AU50....I have a $20 in AU now I need the $10. Fr. 1850-H St. Louis FRBN...2nd key note to series....I have been looking for this one for a long time. Fr. 1880-D* Cleveland $50 FRBN star...another to my growing group. VF. My 6th $50 Star.
  7. FYI Jeff Effective February 4, 2009, PCGS Currency is no longer a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. The PCGS Currency division has been sold to a new company led by current management, including Jason W. Bradford, President, and Laura A. Kessler, Vice President. PCGS Currency will continue to operate out of their current Newport Beach location, and clients are advised that all contact information and shipping info remains the same as before. Submissions that are currently in-house will be graded and shipped as scheduled. PCGS Currency will retain its website, population report data, Currency Set Registry program, as well as manage and maintain the Currency Message Boards. “This is an exciting and important step for our company,” said Bradford, who will continue in his roles as PCGS Currency President and lead grader and finalizer. “We have passed the start-up stage of our business, and are now entering into an exciting time of growth that we feel can be managed better outside the confines of a publicly traded company. By moving our business to a private enterprise organization, we can take advantage of increased efficiencies and reduced overhead to provide better and faster service to our clients.”
  8. I need some help in derterming a value of a September 10th, 1902 Five Dollar Local Currency with the wording "The Yokohama Specie Bank, Limited" and Shanghai listed right underneath. I know the $10 note from 1917 is very valuable from that bank issued from Hankow Branch. Roughly 2000 Euros value. Thanks guys! I am not home and I dont have my world currency book with me that is pre 1961. Jeff
  9. thedeadpoint Dont take offense to my comment. I am also looking for the right 239 to come around. My comment was made as far as taking advantage of a rare note opportunity. I knew both of these were tough to find and it was a matter of time. I find a fair number of collectors are "type" collectors and the rarer signiture combos sometimes passes through their hands unnoticed. I think if you look through most large note series, you will find similar situations in different denomination and type notes. With legal tenders, the availability of a $20 note when it was in circulation and the economic hard times that followed was uncertain. There would have been multiple opportunities along the way for someone to need to use it for day to day living. The Bison note is more popular, more were produced, but look at all the different issues of them. (Fr.#'s) Its the same with the $20's, but fewer of them available because of the denomination being higher. Look at $50 FRN from the early 1900's. It would have been the equivalent of someone walking around with a $1000.00 today. I still say those and the $100 FRNs are undervalued. Its just the demand and perception of the market has not caught sight of that yet. Jeff
  10. I picked up a few FRBN Stars and other selected treasures. Sorry I am late posting these. My focus has been directed to obtaining collector rarities besides notes that are just darn good looking. I have been on a mission with the small FRBN Stars for a couple years now. Along those lines, I wanted to add that for the Large Legal Tenders shown above, for type set collectors there are other Fr. #s that are more plentiful and are not considered as rare. The signiture combinations for these are more rare.... As far as "bang for the buck" I considered these note to be much more worthy than buying a Large Silver Certifcate 1923 Fr. 239. ie.... Fr. 143 $20 1880 Legal Tender PMG Choice Very Fine 35. Track & Price lists 81 known pieces for this Friedberg number. PMG has seen 13 of them, four at this level and above, and nine below. The highest seen by PMG is an About Uncirculated 55. Fr. 145 $20 1880 Legal Tender PMG Very Fine 25. This is a scarce Friedberg number with a census population in the low 60's and with this being the second highest of only six pieces graded by PMG. This scarcity is further borne out by the fact that we have never had more than one example in any of our 51 floor auctions going back to 1990. Jeff Jeff
  11. I have been wanting to pick up some US and World notes that several non-US dealers have in stock for some time. Some of the World notes are exceptional in grade and are very difficult to find. I also watch the Forex market and with the surge of the US $ to other currencies it presents a good buying opportunity. For example in the last 4-6 weeks the Canadian dollar has dropped roughly 26% and more for the Australian $. Basically I can now pick up some quality notes I have wanted overseas, not worry about their GST and take advantage of the US$ position. One note has typically run about $180-200 for some time and now I can get it for about $100-120 plus some shipping. These are better prices than other US dealers are offering. Just a suggestion. Jeff
  12. Bright and beautiful GOLD Fr. 1183...this is the $20 1906 variety...not the common 1922.
  13. I figured I run a new thread for some of the Silver certificates I added. I was able to get duplicates of some of these. It was a good auction. Jeff $1 1934 Fr. 1606* PCGS 63 EPQ $5 1934 Fr. 1650* CHCU64 $5 1934C Fr. 1653* GEM66 $5 1953 Fr. 1655* GEM65 EPQ $10 1934C Fr. 1704* CHCU64 Full sheet of FR. 1613 Narrow 1935D $1
  14. Market prices for Chicago Battleship notes are much higher than book for 64 and above notes. The book prices are about right for Cleveland and New York issues. To put this into perspective for the 64 graded Battleship there are only 10 known with higher grades from the census from PMG and PCGC combined. I saw a good opportunity to buy several and took advantage. I ended up getting the ChCU64, the AU55 and a VF25. For over 35 years I have been actively collecting and a dealer of currency. The supply of notes in the last 3 years are getting tougher to find. But if they are available, the prices are continuing to go higher. There have been some collectors that have been limited because of recent economic conditions, but the influx of money spent on coins in the past have migrated to the currency side of numismatics creating an even higher demand for quality notes. Red Seal Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) have always been difficult to find. However in the last year there has been a significant number appear in the market, but still very limited. I believe most of these have surfaced in the market after being in collections for many years and the owners, reaching their senior years, are wanting to capitalize on the robust currency market. The Red Seal FRN's are changing hands and will either be tucked away for years or be flipped at even higher prices. In either case, this is a good time to add them to a collection. Production of Blue Seal $20 Federal Reserve notes far outnumbered the Red Seal production by a factor of 40 to 1. According to Track and Price, the total number of $20 Red Seals survivors is now about 450 pieces. Even with a few known runs of uncirculated pieces, that provides very few fully uncirculated pieces. PCGS and PMG have graded fewer than 20 uncirculated examples, At Long Beach an Uncirculated 67 went for $38,000.00. The $20 note I bought was from New York and is one of 42 known. I am very pleased to have it in my inventory. Jeff
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