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    Ancient Roman Coins, World Coins (duh, that's why I signed up :) )<br /><br />Weightlifting, swimming, football.<br /><br />Married, no kids yet, two needy cats.
  1. I'm sure it is a series mark of some kind. They take all sorts of forms - pellets, palm branches, letters, numbers, all sorts of stuff --Beast
  2. The Pobjoy Mint has a lot of really cool stuff: http://www.pobjoy.com/pobjoy.asp I've not done business with Panda America that I recall, but I have heard of them. --Beast
  3. ROFL!!!! Thanks! --Beast, Max, Rocky and Spots =^0.0^=
  4. I think he must have had some honey on that loaf of bread he was giving the bear or something....
  5. Yeah, Bern-Switzerland has a ton of bears as well (I think I have something like 50 different pieces from there): St. Gallen-Switzerland does too: as well as the Swiss Canton of Appenzell: Ancient bears are the tough ones though. I've been averaging one example per year over the past six years. Next to impossible to find! --Beast
  6. Canada ROCKS when it comes to bears! Here is a 2000 twonie: They have a ton of different bears I still need to get, but some of them are ungodly expensive in gold and platinum, so they are on my want list, but down the road a bit
  7. Although my photos are terrible, here is the 25 Ore Greenland bear: And the 50 Pennia Finland bear: I don't have the Andorra bears yet (I pretty much just buy the bear coins when I happen upon them and don't actively go into the markets to but them specifically unless I need a particular one for a study or article or something), but I do add everything to my want list for when I attend shows Here is an Anhalt-Germany 2/3 thaler bear: and a 1/6 thaler version: Here is a massive, 57mm silver medal from Switzerland with a gorgeous bear on it (that one cost me quite a bit at an auction): Switzerland-Bern, Medallion of Sechszehnerpfennig (six-decimal pfennig), circa 1760 RESPUBLICA BERNENSIS Bear standing facing, head right, in splint mail shirt, scepter in right paw, left paw on shield decorated with Bern coat of arms, standing on military items, flags and column in background FELICITAS REIPUBLICAE Felicitas standing facing, scepter and sword in right hand and resting on book placed on cippus, fasces in left, owl at feet, stork next to cippus SENATUS ET SEDECIM / VIRI REIPUBLICAE / BERNENSIS in exergue Morikofer designer, Dassier engraver Plain edge 57mm, 90.78g Schweizer Med. 633 Ex Jean Elsen, March 16, 2002, Auction 69, Lot 3109 and another 58mm silver piece: Switzerland-Bern, Medallion of Sechszehnerpfennig (six-decimal pfennig), c.1818 RESPUBLICA BERNENSIS Bear standing facing, head right and sticking out tongue, both paws on shield decorated with Bern coat of arms, standing on military and agricultural items, flags in background FELICITAS REIPUBLICAE Felicitas standing facing, scepter and sword in right hand and resting on cippus, fasces in left, owl at feet SENATUS ET SEDECIM / VIRI in exergue S. Burger designer Plain edge 58mm Schweizer Med. 635 Ex Jean Elsen, March 16, 2002, Auction 69, Lot 3110 Here is one from a set from Spitzbergen in 1993: and another from a 1998 set: Doggone bears are all over the place! Enjoy! --Beast
  8. Well, this is kind of tough because the exergue is off the flan, but it appears to be an AE4 of Constantine II. It has to be either Constantine I or II based on the obverse legend and since the reverse shows only one standard instead of two, it must be an AE4 (smaller sized) module, which would be appropriate to Constantine II as augustus. The N on the banner is a great example of how many Imperial coins get lumped together. As far as I know, there has not been a published in-depth study on the GLORIA EXERCITS coinage, of which this is a part, to explore all of the variations. The N on the banner has nothing to do with the issuing mint per se and you can find all sorts of variations. Here is an M on the banner on an example from Trier: Constans, AE4, After April 340, Trier, Officina 1 CONSTANS-P F AVG Rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right GLORI_A EXER_CITVS Two soldier standing facing each other, holding spears and leaning on shield, one standard with M on banner between them TRP cresent in exergue 17mm x 19mm, 2.10g RIC VIII, 111 And and example with an O from Rome: Constantius II, AE4, After 340, Rome, Officina 2 D N FL CONSTANTIVS AVG Laurel and rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right GLOR_IA EXERC_ITVS Two soldiers standing facing one another, each holding reversed spear in outer hand and resting inner hand on shield set on ground, one standard between them with O inscribed on banner R . F . S in exergue 16mm x 18mm, 1.78g RIC VIII, 57 I don't believe your coin is a barbarous imitation as it looks perfectly official in style to me, but without the exergual mark, it is difficult to attribute it to mint without a great deal of comparative study to mint styles and an analysis of all known banner variations. Hopefully we will one day have a work which catalogues this whole series --Beast
  9. Thanks for the nice comments and looking forward to learning a lot more about world coins! --Beast
  10. Thanks Bobby! Kinda figured, since I saw some cat avatars already. Here is Rocky in my office, trying to keep me from being on my laptop constantly... And if I try to move him, this is all I get: Sometimes I just have to work on the floor! --Beast
  11. And there is still quite a lot of work to be done, but we just keep building on what others have done before us. In my Roman campgate collection alone, I have around 500 different pieces, which will eventually be the basis of a book I write on that topic down the road. For now, I'm working on the VICTORIAE LAETAE series as I own a currently unique coin from that series for which there is no ancient equivalent: Dave Surber does a great job and it is a wonderful tool for helping with attributions. I'm trying to do the same with my site in certain areas and Dave and I work together. His Roman Republican section is linked back to my site and my Byzantine section has individual links back to all of his specific pages: http://www.beastcoins.com/Byzantine/Byzantine.htm I started collecting ancients when I bought some while on vacation in Italy with my mom and sister in 1999. Hooked (addicted?) ever since. --Beast
  12. Ah yes - yours is the 1772 variety. My error. Winged vs. plain caduceus. Both from Tomis in Thrace. I'm not into Greek coins, so I get quite caught up in attributing the city, which is what I did on this one and overlooked the second line of the inscription and the tiny wings. Amazing how some of the details on Greek coins will get a separate listing in the books where some areas of Roman coins have all sorts of varieties lumped together. Sigh. Thanks for pointing out the difference on the two pieces and it is a neat type. I've not seen one of these in hand. --Beast
  13. Hello Folks, Just joined today and put a few posts in the area in which I will most likely be found most often - ancient and world coins. My name is Zach Beasley (although I often use my nickname "Beast") and I'm a full-time dealer in ancients and world coins, but specialize in ancients. Like the fellow forum member, Michael Marotta, I also write a column about the Internet and our hobby. I co-author "The Internet Connection" with Kevin Barry in the Celator magazine. My personal collecting focus is on coins minted by the Roman emperor Probus, ancient coins with architecture, Late Roman coins from the Victoriae Laetae series (my research focus) and all coins with bears. Outside of coins, I am an avid weightlifter and enjoy swimming and football. I'm 37, married, no kids yet, but we have two very needy cats. Here is Rocky: He likes to think he rules the Empire If you need help identifying a coin, let me know and hopefully I can point you in the right direction --Beast
  14. Thanks for the nice welcome and if anyone needs help with attributions, I am a full-time coin dealer in ancients and world coins, so I have a fairly good library to look up stuff. Best regards, --Beast
  15. Thanks for the interesting replies and images! Here is the link to the section on my site with all of the world bears (I have quite a few to add yet and the entire section needs to be rephotographed and redesigned with my new format and my photography skills are terrible!) Bears: http://www.beastcoins.com/Topical/Bears/Bears.htm Enjoy! --Beast
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