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    Learning how to look up my old coins and Values? I am in new process of this whole adventure and will prob look or ask for lots of help lol Thanks.
  1. what or any value does this might have?
  2. on this subject of error coins I have a quarter US that got somewhat stamped with the eagle also on the front. and the head itself is messed up also? Thanks
  3. grass taped to a penny? whats that?
  4. Im lost or probably way behind, but whats Grass to a leaf?
  5. Ah well like me the LEPERCHAUN you never find your gold in one place?
  6. I suppose the best thing to do is make soem kind of list and tons of pictures of all your coins? I just wonder if theres anyhting that is like good to have or worth lots of money maybe?
  7. Hi can anyone tell me just a few coutries or coins that I might have that are like the rare or the THING to have maybe? I am just trying to get a jump on my quest? thanks
  8. Hows it going people? I am from North Dakota area and I have alot of old foreign Coins and Paper Money from my dad. he collected things years ago that he thought would be good to have or shoudl be worth something in todays world and the year 2007. I am in process of going through and trying to get the Exact I.D.'s of this Money. My dad figure there is a few things that he had in his collection that should be failry Rare/ or worth Money as I HOPE SO LOL. Thanks
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