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  1. That's pretty cool that you found all that....it was going through a lot of change though....
  2. It's always refreshing to hear stories like this. I had a similar story happen a while back...but the item wasn't returned (a video game when I was in middle school)
  3. What'd it end up grading?
  4. Pop culture cracks me up... I work at a bank in Ann Arbor, Mi and we have up-to-date rolls. If anyone needs any, let me know! - Chase
  5. I do have a question. I understand about how PCGS works and how the Red Book becomes quickly outdated...is there a better site/paper you know that has the coins appraised at a more realistic value? Maybe the greensheet is the best way to go...
  6. Jesse, There are several resources available for valuing coins. The best one online will be PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). This is like a becket for coins. This is for US coins. Oh, and welcome! - Chase
  7. cestrin

    key dates

    I was going to add to my first post that looking at the price guide seems like a blind way to find out. If that is the best way, so be it.
  8. cestrin

    key dates

    So I tried to search through the forum to see if this had been asked before and couldn't really find anything. So, here goes... I have not bought a coin for a while and am currently looking into US coins. I was wondering if anyone can either tell me (PM or on the forum) key dates for each series or if anyone knows a website where these can be found. Some of the newer series are not so hard to pick out but the older ones I know little about. Thanks in advance
  9. Wow, that's awesome. Welcome, btw! I'll wait for the others to appraise your take (I can tell you the Kennedy's aren't really worth much...)
  10. This kind of crap pisses me off to no end... in 10 years, who's to say that places such as HA and other auction houses won't be unknowingly selling fakes? I guess nothing in this world is pure anymore. (kind of emo post, I know, sorry)
  11. welcome chris! And congrats on actually "shopping victoriously"
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