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  1. It is I, LeSnipe. To be inclusioned in Snorters is of great honor to marionettes of the hosiery. Often in cruel disregard, LeSnipe and others are banned without the hearings. I, LeSnipe, have been Short Snorterer since the year 2009. Proudly I have been displaying Short Snorters of LeSnipe to all who enter the hosiery drawer.
  2. It is I, LeSnipe. To be sending to others a note of LeSnipe for signatures is a wonderful thing. I am in to this program.
  3. I, LeSnipe, bring protest to exclusion of sockpuppets and lint from PCI.
  4. LeSnipe


    I, LeSnipe, am to be feelings of thieveryness on part of Art who is to steal wonderful coins in Corina Auctions of America.
  5. I, LeSnipe, am to be have Short-Snorter. I, LeSnipe, am to ask if anyone is having notes with hosiery display?
  6. LeSnipe


    I, LeSnipe, am to laugh at piddling bids of Art. WOW~ 40 cents. I am to hoping Art is not needing loan to cover such magna bidding. I, LeSnipe, am offering a bona fide bid ---- 52 cents US.
  7. I, LeSnipe, protesting sockpuppet exclusion from PCI refuse voting.
  8. I, LeSnipe, to be entering BUT NO! Marionettes of the hosiery are again excluded.
  9. LeSnipe


    When it is that I, LeSnipe, am thinking customs of world to place 1 centavos in sock of person for luck. I am picture looking and shuddering. To say least I say "ouch".
  10. I, LeSnipe, would be bidding major American dollars on such a fine auctioning.
  11. I, LeSnipe, am in love with such beautiful set. To be receiving for my birthday would be happiness. ;)
  12. If the marionettes of the hosiery were not as said discriminationed against, I, LeSnipe, would be soon counting new notes from Art.
  13. LeSnipe


    I, LeSnipe, would to offering on this fine auction BUT alas marionettes of the hosiery are banned.
  14. LeSnipe


    I, LeSnipe, too late preparing I was my Snipe.
  15. Time zonings and deep sea missioning have been making conspirations to withold LeSnipe from his rightful bidding. It is known as common that many people of the stolen Belgique Territories now being to call Canada are to deny bidding to innocent Belgium lads. I would be to offer 14.2€ if bidding for LeSnipe was permissioned. (Also to be stating that People of the Hosiery have feelings and do give a darn!)
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