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  1. for me it would be nickle sized, the dimes and penniestend to be ate by couches and car seats, but then I would miss picking up the pennies from parking lots. I do know for certain that I would never want to go back to trimes and half dimes. Sewing them into my clothing would be impracticle
  2. rsraghead

    Lodz ghetto coin

    It would be nice to own some
  3. rsraghead

    Rouble 1729 Petr II on eBay

    Find another seller
  4. rsraghead


    Hello and welcome
  5. rsraghead

    Anyone who knows about this coin?

    I guess its time to start digging thru the coins and start comparing then, huh?
  6. rsraghead


    Yes it is
  7. rsraghead

    Anyone who knows about this coin?

    Hello and welcome, is it by chance a canadian dime?
  8. rsraghead

    My new purchase of Modern Numis

    very nice
  9. rsraghead

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    well, either way, congrats
  10. rsraghead

    2 new old shillings

    man thats great!
  11. rsraghead

    Commemorative soviet coin prices - wow

    I will try to remember that
  12. rsraghead

    2 new old shillings

    I only have 7 fiji coins
  13. rsraghead

    My own web site

    very impressive. keep up the good work
  14. with it being stamped off center, there will be collectors for it. hello MONEYMAN, and welcome to coinpeople