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  1. Howdy all!! Bobby sent me a link in my email saying: "They still think of you ;-)" That made me smile. As he said we have been busy with our house buying plans . This is a GREAT time to buy a house. BAD time to sell. In the Antelope Valley, they are partically giving you a house with every purchase. LOL! No Im kidding. However the houses are a dime a dozen right now, quite literally. The poor people who got stuck in variable loans or whatever you call it, or ones who have high monthly payments and lost their jobs or room mates are losing their homes left and right. As a matter of fact my step son fell into the last couple categories. While he didnt "lose" his job, he is currently on disability for a knee injury which he just had surgery on, plus he lost his housemate (who just took off on him one day while he was at work) so he forclosing. He has it up on short sale, but no one has offered. He bought it in 2006 for $287,000 and is selling it now for as low as $135,000. What the hell!! Its kind of a tiny house or we would of bought it to help him out. The house we currently rent just went into forclosure, so its happening all around us. This house is kinda tiny too or we would buy it and stay. On the coin side, like Bobby said I was never really a collector. Just the state quarters and an occasional wheatie (if your lucky). I personally have been bitten by the UE (Urban Explorers) bug. I just LOVE going through abandoned places. I love old hotels and hospitals. Homes that have been left for years and years with all their stuff still in it. Fascinating! Anyways Im sure that Bobby will get back into it after all the hub bub dies down. Busy busy time. Thanks for thinking of me
  2. OMG Thank you Blackhawk! And thank you everyone else for the congrats.
  3. Hello and Welcome I have never been metal detecting, but would love to get one and try it out. We have a few metal detectorists here
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