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  1. The Mount Everest Mint (located at 141 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) was founded in 1973 by Howard E. Katz, David B. Tolins and Burton Wigod. The company was a private mint with its own sculpting, engraving, die making and coining facilities. In May of 1976, the company was ordered to reorganize by the U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania. That's about all that is on the net other than their product offers
  2. This next group are mint, dealer and coin club tokens.
  3. Here is the other of the pair from the same store
  4. Here is a cherry pickers token from Traverse City Mich. Uniface
  5. here is my current last masonic token/counterstamp, not only this one was holed it also was plated
  6. This is the start of a number of shapes tokens that came in the last batch.
  7. Here is a rare one in the sense that not many have survied the years being made of card stock. Good for .05 cross village Mich
  8. There are an amazing number of different chisel shapes and stone mason mallets on the reverse of the pennies
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