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  1. Circus

    Elongated coins

    Copper plating removed for a zincer
  2. Circus

    Elongated coins

    I will look to see I have a number of the lord's prayer ones, I will also check the binder at the LCS this week. If not I will be going to the Michigan meet/swap coming up in JUly and see if anybody has any
  3. Circus

    Elongated coins

    There are untold 100's of the prayer pennies Most are some version of the Lord's prayer. There are are also the Hail Mary and the 29th psalm
  4. Circus

    Elongated coins

    South bend Lathe one
  5. Circus

    Elongated coins

    The original stretch limo rides on balloon tires, another one at the sleeping bear dunes park used 1958 Oldsmobile converts for their rides.
  6. Circus

    Elongated coins

    another masonic penny The meetings of members of the Thirty-second Degree, or Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, are called Consistories. Source MasonicDictionary.com