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  1. generic chips same both sides
  2. I have two of this one since there were two in the buy, have a couple of Indian heads also. but no other steelies come to mind.
  3. Circus

    Elongated coins

    There are new ones being put in to service, some designs are taken out of service. here is a link to the latest list. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/elongatedcoin/conversations/topics/38724 The penny collector maintains a list of locations foreign and domestic. https://www.pennycollector.com/
  4. great name for a scuba shop, in a land locked city. blank reveres
  5. Here are two number tokens blank reverse And a third one also blank reverse but has a c after the number
  6. copper version brass version For those that may not know,Meijer's is a Michigan based/midwest WallyWorld. They have a coin-op pony ride in each of their stores. it costs a penny, don't know if they still give out the tokens to the kids.
  7. A scalloped brass good for milk token