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  1. Blank token planchette, rimmed but not struck Blank both sides
  2. Plastic drink good for token printed one side.
  3. back in the day before benefits for employees, from the companies, the employees would form these type of groups and pay in monthly for whatever benefit they formed it for
  4. Here is one that you don't come across often. A token for pay for a bundle of cedar shake shingles the M stands for 1,000
  5. Here is a cancelled script,anchor is the shape
  6. A lot of medalets are often missed labeled as challenge coins which they are not, Used in a drinking game of who has the highest rank and the lowest buys the drinks! The unit coins of ones not of a military origin are properly called unit coins. First responders coins are unit coins as are the military ones below. Here is a nice read on them https://www.schlockmercenary.com/assets/img/uploads/UAHCC/UAHCC-v0.99.pdf
  7. Probably the ultimate challenge coin for the times, victory in WWII
  8. Here is just the dangle for the WWII medal for the American campaign 41 thru 46 during those year it ws onlt a ribbon and the didn't make it a medal till 1947. Probably used as a key chain fob by the owner
  9. A return too drop in mil box key ring tag. Only there are no ident numbers on the tag.
  10. Here is a slightly different birth announcement , For those that may not know he writes books on tokens and lives in Michigan. I believe the counterstamped number reffers to the party that the token was given to and the party holed it for some reason.
  11. Here is the coupro-nickle version I posted a while ago http://goccf.com/t/269909&whichpage=81#3091344 Here is a brass version from a different buy.
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