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  1. Looks to to be self engraved Capac Mich
  2. The third of the 3 amusement parks back in the day named after the rage of the time the chutes ride.
  3. yep the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  4. Here are some paper script that I had bought a long time ago,I found the photos of again
  5. Silver dollar size, copper
  6. Circus

    Does anyone use bic white out to erase coin flips?

    Have you tried the BIC Wite-out EZcorrect https://www.amazon.com/BIC-Wite-Out-Correct-Correction-10-Count/dp/B002MGJZRE You can get single ones at wally world and most other all in one joints it doesn't leave the chunks when it isn't stirred engough.
  7. Here is the most interesting one I have so far, Appears to be silver and about the size of a quarter and Octagon in shape.
  8. Popular obverse on everything from silver and gold bullion rounds to tokens wit assorted patriotic sayings on the reverse