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  1. Having been a caver in my younger more flexible days, and having did all of the cave tours own our honeymoon. Including the 8 hour wild cave tour, the general public seldom seen parts of the cave. The wife and I were delighted that this medal showed up in the last bulk buy.
  2. This one has got to be my favorite, design for a 9-11/Pentagon medal
  3. And a blast from the past, for the younger ones who may have not been around ore-computer phone size or desk/lap top. This sterling silver charm of a computer was also in the bulk buy.
  4. Another four that turned up in the last bulk buy, supposedly silver English coinage
  5. Here are two items that use to be common in the olden days, given out by companies as a premiums. To registar your key ring and they would mail them back to you if lost and dropped in a mail box. This one is a double duty one a St Christophers medal and mail back tag.
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