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  1. THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!! Seems like we're thinking the same way about everything jlueke - those are pretty much the features I've been considering to be the most essential too. And it's likely that US coins would be the starting point, but then it could branch out from there. Thanks so much for the feedback, Jack
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I like certain aspects of Numista, and it's probably the best online tool that's currently out there. But I also think certain aspects of it could be much better than they currently are. Off the top of my head, I think the user-interface design can be confusing, the grading options it gives are limited, and while it lets you add coins to your collection, it doesn't really allow for the adding of much information that's specific to your coin (pictures, where you bought it and for how much, etc.). It also doesn't have any built-in tool to estimate the value of your coins / your collection. It's not that numista isn't a good tool for a certain type of user, it's that it's an incomplete tool (which is my challenge with most of the tools out there right now - they're good for certain use cases, but not for others). As for the ebay idea, I personally like that idea a lot. I'd have to see how structured the searchable data is in ebay, but that's one type of feature I think lots of people would find useful. Thanks again, Jack
  3. I’ve been a coin collector for most of my life, and I’m also a programmer. I think I can build a free tool for collection management that’s better than what currently exists, but I’m trying to decide if it would be worth my time to do so (I don’t want to spend a few months building something that only I would use). My girlfriend (she’s a programmer too) and I put together a short video of what I’d like to build. The video is at 43copper.com. I’m interested in finding out whether or not a free, full-featured coin management system would be something people would use, and also what features would be the most important to build into it. Any feedback, thoughts, ideas, and advice would be appreciated. If it seems like there’s enough interest in the idea (based on feedback here on CP, conversations with collectors I’ve been reaching out to, and people signing up for an email list at 43copper.com), I’ll get to work. Thanks so much, Jack
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