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  1. Ah yes libraries. Definitely one of the better uses of tax dollars. Although they generally need to stock more numismatic titles
  2. UK Coin News sounds a lot like Coinage or Coins over here. Numismatic News and Coin World are weekly but do contain a few interesting articles or columns but still buried in a lot of ads. The Numismatist has a lot more content per unit space as does the Celator. Well when you write your article you can see what you think of the magazine
  3. Yes, I was on RCC, actually I am back again for a while. But you probably remember my name due to the scintillating article on Sasanian coinage I wrote for the Celator last winter
  4. Heh heh. I like to think of myself as original but the Electronic Numismatist is more of a perserverence thing. The idea had been around since 1995 according to the ANA people involved. They just kept coming up with reasons not to do it, so I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer. I do appreciate the support from yourself, Art, and the others who have commented on the work. It is nice to find out that there are at least some people as enamoured with the old journals as I. I think the process for another volume will begin soon as well.
  5. I too like gold better than silver, it is just prettier. Unless one collects Byzantine solidi ancient gold gets pricey. At least there are gold coins to dream about in most series. I pity the collector of Parthian coins. "I don't like mean bubbles I like laughing bubbles" - Erich (Age 3) commenting on the available smilies.
  6. That is a nice one The Baktrian's may have perfected the lifelike, medal like, portrait coins. Compare that to the Taliban who ruled Afghanistan recently and it does make you question progress. It definitly makes one question the concept of cultural property.
  7. Nice stuff, very impressive. Did you sell the later items to focus more on pre-Norman England?
  8. In addition to half.com try http://www.bookfinder.com also. It searches Alibris and other's and has been a great way for me to locate used titles from the common to the rare.
  9. Have you looked into used versions of the Krause. I think they tend to be quite affordable.
  10. Not me. The designs mostly just anger me
  11. In this room 3rd edition Standard Catalog of United States Tokens A Guide Book of United States Coins 1998 Offical A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins Fifth Edition The Cherrypickers Guide to Rare Die Varieties Fourth edition Volume One Roman Coins and Their Values Vol I and II Millenium Edition Ancient Coin Collecting by Wayne Sayles Vol I, III, VI Classical Deception Orichalcum and related alloys by Earle R.Caley Syllogue Nummorum Sasanidarum VolI and Vol III The Pound by David Sinclair The Standard Catalog of World Coins 18th, 19th, 20th century King Croseus' Gold 2nd edition A Guide and Checklist World Notgeld Waltern Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins Metal Analaysis of Roman Coins minted Under the Empire Coin Hoards from Romam Britain The early coinage of central Asia by Michael Mitchiner Sasanian Numismatics by Robert Goebl Standing Liberty Quarters by J.H.Cline Hard Times Tokens by Russel Rulau Civil War Tokens by Fuld
  12. Coin collecting doesn't do it for me either, though sometimes internet posts do (not here)
  13. Me too, most of the letters are repeats (I think Michael wrote about that once) but this one did stand out.
  14. Then the ignorance makes the experienced collectors grumpy
  15. Here's the original, I don't have a pic of the new one handy
  16. After reading the Internet Connections column in the September Numismatist I paged through the letters. The one that struck me the most was a rant against the state quarter collectors. It was not just the typical arguments, but also the vehemence that came through in the letter. I am not one to spend $2000 from an MS70 Minnesota quarter but I'm not going to go ballistic over it either. In general, when I do write a letter I try to find something to praise. If I'm going to spend my time it might as well be positive and not negative. Right? Right?!? So, are letter writers to coin magazines, or coin collectors in general too negative?
  17. Roman Imperial has something for everyone at any budget, so I fully expect you to have at least one example. For anyone casually interested http://www.vcoins.com is the place to browse. Search for an emperor and you get instant price comparisons. Some uncleaned lots are for sale right now as well. What's wrong with Republics? USA USA USA
  18. There's a Hungarian coin with an image of a denier of St.Stephen. I actually have the original and the new. I discivered this by accident sicne the new was a birth year set addition. If I have the pics I'll upload them later.
  19. I generally prefer pre-cleane dones as well. On occasion it's fun to play around. I did this batch a little fast but I will add a few more series and at least do a few coins in weeklong soaks
  20. Of course there are some good things as well. You get to spend all day dealing with, talking about, looking at, and researching coins. No boss, you don't have to be in at 8AM, and you get to deal with coisn all day Sometimes the customers can bring pleasant experiences as well
  21. Whenever a new collector delves into ancient coins, Roman, Greek, or other, the topic is uncleaned coins is likely to arise. Online auctions are full of uncleaned lots, some promising the lure of silver and even gold. Many dealers carry uncleaned coins and bulk lots show up in high end auctions. As with anything in coin collecting caveat emptor. One of the lures, one used by many advertisters, is that in uncleaned lots one can find rare and valuable coins for minimal expenditure. While it is not impossible to find valuable coins, the odds as in Las Vegas are against the consumer. Coins can be broken, unidentifiable slugs, or barely identifiable but uncollectable slabs of metal. Many also are quite common types, types one could purchase for a few dollars. When one considers the investment in time, a profit is arre. However, there is a very positive aspect in buying uncleaned ancient coins: Fun! If you like the cleaning, the discovery, the thrill of attribution, the experience could prove extremely rewarding. If you have the urge, find a reputable dealer (the online auctions are a gamble within a gamble) and see if you like the experience. For $10 or $20 a single foray is certain not to bring financial ruin. To see some pics of coins being cleaned and mangled go to http://www.ancientcoinvalues.com/39.html Click on the uncleaned bronzes link. The last one seems like it will end up with the most improvement.
  22. The cleaned one. The artificially toned one could be hiding some defect that the cleaning would reveal. Also, one would need to clean the toned one anyway so why not skip a step Lastly, a little heat and eitehr version will tne right back
  23. Not a bad idea, just some bad colors.
  24. Thanks for the offer. I'm not a CW subscriber but I do see a few on bookfinder.com so I will order one there.
  25. It looks like I will need to find myself a Coin World Alamanac, preferably not the millenium edition. I see a few for $35 and then a bunch for $5-$10. Must be paperback versus hardcopy.
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