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  1. My 1st edition of the Coin World Alamanac arrived today thanks to another thread on this forum Now I just have to get the more recent version as well
  2. This is the only coin in my collection I would not sell unless it was for an upgrade. It is a large (over 16 grams) bronze 12 nummia. The coin is of a Byzantine type that is common enough. The reverse features the number 12 and the mint Alex for Alexandria Egypt. The obverse the portrait of the emperor but with sun and crescent moon symbols. This coin was no ordinary Byzantine production but stems from the Sasanian Persian occupation of Egypt from 618-627 AD. The near destruction of Byzantium by 622 AD and the crippling counterstrike by Heraclius against the Sasanians in 628 AD weakened both empires and greatly contributed to the Arab conquest of Iran, Palestine, Syria, Egypt and much of the classical world. As a symbol of the beginning of the end of two empires and the rise of a third this coin is one I consider the most historic in my collection. http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=902548
  3. I'll enter at least one coin as long as the deadline has not passed.
  4. I remebering hearing from someoine of the legal persuasion that if you ever want to pursue a claim (rather than just a cease and desist) that registration is mandatory. Does anyone have any more information on this?
  5. Denver in 2006 is tempting. Milwaukee in 2007 is so close I will have to be there. I am usually in Chicago for the CICF although my last born migh t be due around then this coming year. So, I might be in NY this January for the International just so I can see it once before the kids send me to the poor house.
  6. That's a good question not a stupid one.
  7. I give my wife as much or more for her spending as I budget on coins and then everyone wins.
  8. My biggest problem isn't an annual or monthly budget, but rather how many coins I should buy with that money each year. Say $25 week = $1300 per annum. Say there is a $500 bonus throw in once per year. What works out best: 12 $150 coins, 1 $1800 coin, 2 $900 coins etc.
  9. You are correct, history does not have to o against quality. But, it can go against aesthetics. Some very important coins are just plain ugly
  10. That is the other side, the history. There another coin in that auction, of the following type but in worse shape. http://www.cngcoins.com/coin.asp?ITEM_ID=49256 But, that coin is interesting. Why a Byzantine type with Pahlavi (persian) script? If it was a Persian striking it after the Arab invasion why would he remove the fire altar? If it was a Greek why would he use Persian script? Was it struck by a converted Iranian, an Armernian? That is where I get stuck, I do prefer quality but I am very much drawn to the history. Buying the best one can afford is a hollow maxim. It doesn't tell me how many coisn to buy per year
  11. That type wouldn't be in my top 25 but probably in my top 50. But it still is a bit out of my league. The estimate says 10,000 euro I wouldn't be surprised if it goes for double that.
  12. The size and weight would be good to know for authentication as well. The pockmarks can easily be corrosion, I find that casting bubbles are a little more subtle and usually appear clearly only under magnification. But the seam or the fle marks are usually the most visible signs. Look at the coin around the entuire edge and if you see filing or a seam then bingo.
  13. I would never consider this more than a VF, but then I do have triuble market grading. But what buugs me the most is the color. The coin looks badly damaged not mint luster filled to my eyes. When you ask over $1000 for a raw coin then your picture better look darn good.
  14. Good points Stujoe. I would suspect you are probably right on the patterns of toning. If a coin has unusual toning for the type it would probably get sent back. I don't think it makes a difference where the toning comes from, it's all the same chemistry in the end. I am just curious on what the TPG services do. I wonder if they ever smell the coins to see if there is any residure of treatment
  15. This one blew me away, its a little nicer in the catalog than online but you still get the point. I am tempted to sell everything else coin related and just dote on this one single coin. Do you guys prefer quantity or quality when it comes to collecting? http://www.gmcoinart.de/shop/detailansicht...=106685&AuID=55
  16. http://cgi.ebay.com/1806-5-EF-O-104-VERY-R...itemZ8335340743 EF? Mint luster?
  17. My library requests came today. Cleaning and preservation of coins and medals by Walter Gerhard and An Introduction to Repairing & Restoring. I have most of my chem supplies so I can go to phase III of my cleaning experiments. It's amazing how varied some relatively basic chemistry can turn out to be.
  18. True, but at what point do they decide that a coins can go into a slab rather than being body bagged? Is there an objective standard or is it more subjective?
  19. The good thing, at least here, is that all the libraries are part of a interlibrary loan system http://www.mnlink.org which includes the State Universisty system and the U of M. I just made a request last week so I'll find out how long it takes.
  20. This came up again at the club meeting last night. What I don't understand is how anyone draws the line between artificial and original toning. Toning is a specific chemical process that can happen over years, months, week,s hours, or minutes. How much time = artificial and how much time = real? If I were independently wealthy I'd love to do an experiment with toning coins and PCGS.
  21. I do and I highly reccomend this for every collector. Budgeting in general is a good idea and for discrtionary spending it makes a lot of sense. I find that without a budget coin spending is more variable with splurges here and there and it also leads to buying some things that aren't as good a fit into any collection. Knowing that only xx$ is available focuses the aquisition process. It's also nice because there are busy times, or periods where no good coin is available; during this time the cash builds up enabling a nicer purchase. If you are really patient you can even hoard your coin money for a whole year and then visit the closest major show to make all your purchases in person.
  22. The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding. Please try the options below:
  23. But in all cases the product of the corrosion is more stable than the metal otherwise it would not be forming by themselves.
  24. jlueke

    Safe deposit box?

    I keep meaning to get one. For some of the coins and some things like Passports, Birth Certificates and insurance related receipts. It's $45 or $55 per year at the Credit Uuion for the size that easily holds folders, papers and coins.
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