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  1. Agree with Sigi. Speaking of ugly MM coins... I didn't have a chance to get this one and it went to someone else, but it certainly made my mouth watery... ))) and my jaw dropping to the floor... I am sure you will appreciate it's beauty...
  2. Thank you for showing your coins, guys! After I published it, I used the guide myself to better my own collection. I was presented here: Still, yet, to find time for updating the guide to 2nd edition, translating it in English. Even after the publication, I am finding more interesting coins, broadening some of the types' years of existence and finding additional common attributes for grouping. The original publication pretty much nails all the types and is a solid base for collecting. For the 1762 pyataks with "fluffy" wings (feathers), that you show above, they are, as all 1762, are uncommon, but I think the less common ones are with "fingertip" feathers that run in two prominent rows, like this one:
  3. Thank you, Sigi! I got another one, as a filler, but it is very ugly just as you said, and still paid well for it. Couldn't believe when this one came along just recently. It's price went through the roof quickly, but it will end up with my other Elizabeth copper. Very happy with it's grade!
  4. Finally found one. Expensive, but one of the highest ones I've seen:
  5. extant4cell

    Russian Pulo Copper Money

    This one is an interesting one, though it's not pulo, but a copper kopeck of Alexey Mikhailovich (1564-1563). He switched from silver to copper and that naturally resulted in riot.
  6. extant4cell

    Russian Pulo Copper Money

    This one is from Moscow by Ivan IV The Terrible (1547-1584) with a winged siren:
  7. extant4cell

    Russian Pulo Copper Money

    Last Katz auction took me back a few centuries. I think I have pulo somewhere in my collection already, but this one from Tver by Ivan Mikhailovich (1399-1425), got me captivated and I had to have it (yet to pay and receive it)... I don't know much about these coins or the period, but would love to see more pictures of older than 1700 copper coins. This forum deserve something like this. I love its viking look:
  8. extant4cell

    1704 Grivennik, well loved.

    Can you imagine your whole collection like that displayed on a wall? I t would be an impressive sight! Though, I would have to go solidly crazy to do something like that with my coins. )))
  9. extant4cell

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    Please show if possible
  10. extant4cell

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    🧐 Nice coin with interesting provenance. 👍
  11. extant4cell

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    Put them together. Beautiful coin, just like Sigi's. I watched the sale, though couldn't take part in this auction much. There were also a couple of good Sestroretsk 1758 pyatak coins that I would be interested in. They all went very high in price (though it's relative, of cause), but to a degree I think they were worth it. I have these types in my collection, and Sigi has them too, as far as I remember, but they are better than what I have, I think. Late ($700) and early ($1000) Sestroretsk types: (RE: https://rarecoins.bidspirit.com/?options=narrow,noHouseLogo,hideFooter#catalog~153~202 )
  12. extant4cell

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    Very nice examples, and well noted, Sigi! Thank you for sharing.
  13. I am not talking about how well is the crown struck, but thank you for your input. The actual form and size of the crown is different from the rest of the Ekaterinburg mint 2 kopecks compare to the one on the first coin. I think this is the first time I come across Elizabeth coin of 2 kopecks with this crown form at this mint. Wondering if anyone has ever seen somewhat similar crown on Elizabeth 2 kopecks...
  14. Found a very interesting 2 kopecks with a pretty looking crown for EM coins. I assume its master dies were copied and re-cut from master models from 1757, 1758 or 1759, where 6 was fixed from 5 and the last number cut off clean, to the base, leaving just a circle (resembling "0") that was filled with a newly cut "1" on the master die. Most 1761 coins keep left over from "7" under "1". Looks like the crown was fixed (recut) at the same time, but could be a leftover from the original repaired master model. I don't believe I've came across one like that before on EM grosheviks (2 kopecks). Usually crowns are taller and somewhat uneven and disturbed... kind of like squashed on the right side: