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  1. Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    The following group of coins are all in platinum:
  2. What are these tokens

    http://www.staraya-moneta.ru/forum/messages/forum51/topic182334/message1913744/#message1913744 I opened a topic on SM . I wouldn't have high hopes, but we'll see...
  3. What are these tokens

    I searched for "жетон 1/2 КН Ч and РАК 1 Ч" and no suitable results found. Not sure what that may be and if it is genuine. Wild guesses: "Ch" may stand for "Chast'" (Russian for "part") or for "Chaj" (Russian for "tea"). What abbreviations KN and RAK(C) stand for, have no idea...
  4. You presumed correctly. Modern fake made to fool collectors. from: http://numistika.com/counter cath 1.html This is "articles" section on this forum, please ask similar questions in the general section next time.
  5. Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    I also like copper overstrikes, and there isn't a lot of coppers here. Still, what was provided and other coins in this topic from Lenox and others are an eye-treat.