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  1. It is a very interesting topic. I've never heard about this guy, thank you for a splendid information. I've surfed the russian internet - nothing is available at first sight. I wonder how many replicas have been made by means of this technology!
  2. I've noticed that you use some other site to show your collection. I had tried to use gallery here but got a notice that I had no permission to make an album. I don't know why. Could you please suggest what is the best way to make a gallery?
  3. Very nice items! And condition is perfect. I have them too in my collection but the second with a slightly different obverse and the first one in a bit worse condition and with a small hole - someone used it as a decoration. Wnen I'm back home (sunday) I can scan and post here descriptions of your jetons from the Rossika catalog, there may be some additional useful info. I will expand info about "Rossika" jetons at my site soon. And sure please do post here any others when you get them! I have taken a look at your collection, it is very good and huge. I guess it has taken a lot of time and efforts to make it!
  4. Many thanks! Great that Google helps. In Russian there is a lack of info on the matter. I know just the only one catalog that covers Nuremberg jetons of so called "russika" theme, I've mentioned it at http://s4erbinin.ru/russia. By the way it is in English and German as well - really great edition of year 2012. I will develop my site so welcome later.
  5. This site http://s4erbinin.ru/collection/rechenmeister is devoted to rechenpfennigs or counting jetons. History, minting technology, medieval mathematics. Sorry - in the Russian language only.
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