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  1. Promotes is not the right word. On the one hand Munzeo is an archive of some of eBay's coins. But you can rate coins as real or fake and help others in distinguishing them. For example this coin Diva Faustina is rated as "real" and it has 10 bids. So it is very likely to be authentic. Ebay deletes data after a few months, so we though it'd be nice if the coin info could stay online and be made available to the public. Also the Equivalent in GOLD value can help to determine coin price movement over time. To roughly calculate today's price for certain coin you must to multiply Equivalent in GOLD by gold price per gram for today.
  2. Hello everybody, At Munzeo.com coin database you can find ancient and world coins sold on eBay with price in USD, EUR and equivalent in gold. It would be great if you give us feedback about your experience with the site.
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