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  1. Iluvforeignsets

    Does anyone use bic white out to erase coin flips?

    Thanks a lot Circus, I will try it. Pat
  2. Iluvforeignsets

    Where can you check a seller feedback on ma-shops?

    Ok thanks, I won't worry about it. Pat
  3. Hi I correct mistakes I make on coin flips with bic white out. It does not do a good job, you are left with a little mound of white stuff that is very hard to write on. Is there something else I can use? Thxs Patrick
  4. Hi I can't seem to find how to check a seller feedback. I am logged in but clicking on the sellers name does nothing. I made one purchase on this site and had to leave feedback, so it has to be somewhere. Thanks Pat
  5. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    Thanks a lot as usual Ian. Pat
  6. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    I found the free ebooks link but I don't see a link to download the books. Can anyone confirm they are to be read online only? I would prefer to have them on my hard drive though! Thxs Pat
  7. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to access books in the free domain? I tried google books but got nowhere. Can they be downloaded once found or is it just for online reading? Thxs Pat
  8. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    Ian Thxs so much for the clarification. I have a lot of work to do. Pat
  9. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    Ian I appreciate the answer. I am going to study that web site you mentioned, it's quite interesting. Now the books you recommended, I am a little confused. Amazon has a kindle edition of the first one and there is a free preview. I don't see any pictures in it, is that normal? The second one I found on Ebay for $100. That's a little bit over my league. Are there PDF or scanned versions online of these books? Thxs again Pat
  10. Iluvforeignsets

    Noob to medals and tokens

    Ian thanks so much for the answer. Like I said anything related to medals or tokens from Europe in the 19th century will interest me, war or civil. So they can throw anything at me in that field. I just acquired my first token, the coronation of prince Willem of the Nederlands in 1814. Pat
  11. Hi I am a coin collector and interested in collecting token and medals. I am a modest collector and I won't go over $50 a piece. I want to focus on a large selection which is 19th century Europe. I am looking for links, books to help me get started. I am fluent in French and English. Also anything that can help me identify real from fakes. Auctioneers on Ebay never mention if it's a replica or real. Thxs Patrick
  12. Iluvforeignsets

    How do I calculate silver coins values?

    Thank-you Patrick
  13. Hi I searched the web but find only solutions for US coins nothing for world coins. Let's take an Australian 50 cents coin KM# 364 this coin says on Krause 0.9990 silver and .5353 oz and let's say for this example sake that the silver rate is $21 today. Can anyone show me how to calculate this silver coin value? Thanks a lot Patrick
  14. Iluvforeignsets

    Recommend sellers for foreign by lbs or 100 coins

    Thanks JoseMartin and DeOrc for the links. Anybody else has somebody to share? The more links the better, I love to browse foreign coins sites. Even if you see this thread way after I posted it, I stay subscribed to it so please post. Thanks again Patrick
  15. Iluvforeignsets

    Recommend sellers for foreign by lbs or 100 coins

    Thanks for the answers so far and the link Becky. De Orc which sellers do you recommend on Ebay for such lots? Thanks a lot Patrick