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  1. My scanner cannot capture the image, since it is very small and very shallow. I need to hunt around for someone with a digital camera to shoot it.
  2. I've got one of those so-called incuse dropped letters on the left cheek of Washington, near his jowl. It's the numeral 0.
  3. I've been through 5 rolls so far, including a Philly, and I can hardly find a handful worth saving since they are so banged up in general.
  4. I found a 1988 180 degree rotated reverse Kennedy half dollar in a mint set and traded it for a certified Proof 63 1950 Franklin half.
  5. I just pulled out a 2007-D dime and noticed what appear to be some types of errors. The most noticeable things were some sort of blobs of metal on the eyebrow, along the top of the nostril in a curved line, out around the corner of the mouth and the bottom of the chin. These blobs are also plentiful in the hair in different spots. Perhaps these are some type of cuds. (In fact, one eBay seller offers a 1999-dated Roosie like this called "Drooling Roosevelt" cuds.) Additionally there is some sort of indent just outside the corner of the eye. And finally the inside "negative spaces" of the letters "O" and "D" in the word "GOD" appear to be drooping down and to the left. I've posted some photos below to see what people think.
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